NDT SVR-04 / SVR-05 Rotary Scanners

NDT SVR-04 / SVR-05 Rotary Scanners

NDT SVR-04 / SVR-05 Rotary Scanners

svr-05 svr-05-wording

The SRV Rotary Eddy Current Probe Scanners can be used with instruments and probes from GE, Hocking, Rohmannn, Foerster, etc. Rotation speed is variable from (600 to 3000 rpm) and Operating Frequencies from 100kHz to 6MHz. They are primarily used for inspecting bolt holes in airplanes structures and airplane wheel bolt holes, etc. for cracking.

svr-05-with-probe svr-with-probe-application

Technical Specifications:

Rotation Speed: 600 to 3000 rpm
Speed Control: From instrument
Frequency: 100 kHz to 6 MHz
Probe Connector: 4-pin Fischer with O-rings
Probe Type: Reflection
Signal Generation: By rotary probe
Configuration: Portable
Orientation: Any position
Alarm: Red LED on left panel of the scanner
Cable Connector: 12-pin LEMO (SVR-04) / 16-pin LEMO (SVR-05)
Dimensions: 3.56" x 1" x 1.52" (89 x 25 x 38 mm)
Weight: 1/4 lb. (0.11 kg)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
SVR-04 Rotary Scanner EC-NDT-SVR-04 $4,495.00
SVR-05 Rotary Scanner EC-NDT-SVR-05 $4,495.00