NDT Supply MTU-3

NDT Supply MTU-3

Magnetic Particle Test Block

Reference Block Type 1 /MTU-3/ EN ISO 9934-2:2002 Magnetic Particle Test Block

Cracked Test Piece for the evaluation of Detection media

The MTU-3 Test Block is used to check the sensitivity of magnetic particle materials.

This two sided block has a variety of indications ranging in size from small to large.

Use the MTU-3 to compare:

  • fresh and used materials
  • different brands of materials
  • different types of materials (visible, dual sensitivity and fluorescent, etc.)

Use the MTU-3 to verify:

  • That aerosol cans are actually delivering particles

MTU-3 Blocks are prepared in accordance with the EN ISO 9934– 2:2002 (Annex B) Page 15 Figure B.1.

  • Natural cracks on both sides
  • Can be used with fluorescent or visible particles
  • Supplied with reference photograph

Product Literature

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