MT-150 Motorized Aircraft Wheel Turntable

MT-150 Motorized Aircraft Wheel Turntable

MT-150 Motorized Aircraft Wheel Turntable


The Centurion NDT Model MT-150 turntable was designed to meet the requirements of wheel and brake shops in the aviation industry. Aircraft wheels are required to be eddy current inspected and this motorized turntable enables the inspector to simply hold the eddy current probe in place as the wheel spins. The constant rotational speed gives accurate and repeatable results.

Special Features:

  • Can be used with any application suitable eddy current instrument
  • Turntable is made of rugged aluminum construction for the most demanding environments
  • Ball bearing turntable is rated for a load of 950 lbs.
  • Foot pedal actuated for hands free control
  • Useable with shielded or unshielded probes
  • 18", 24", 30" and 36" diameter tables standard.

The turntable is powered by the supplied power supply. Once a wheel is placed on the table, the foot switch actuates the motor. The foot switch is momentary, therefore the switch must be depressed to run the motor.


Aluminum Base Dimensions: 10" x 11.75" x 6" high
Table Dimensions: 18", 24", 30" and 36" diameters
Overall Weight: 13 lbs.
Power Requirements: 110-220 VAC input, 12 volt DC output to motor

Tables are interchangeable and can be bought separately, with or without motor.

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Motorized Turntable with 18" Table EC-CNDT-225950 $595.00
Motorized Turntable with 24" Table EC-CNDT-225951 $645.00
Motorized Turntable with 30" Table EC-CNDT-225952 $695.00
Motorized Turntable with 36" Table EC-CNDT-225956 $815.00
18" Tabletop (no base) EC-CNDT-225954 $105.00
24" Tabletop (no base) EC-CNDT-225955 $180.00
30" Tabletop (no base) EC-CNDT-225970 $225.00
36" Tabletop (no base) EC-CNDT-225957 $325.00