MFE Edge

MFE Edge

MFE Edge

MFE Enterprises' new 61lb MFE Edge tank scanner features a pivoting handle assembly that allows the scanner to fight tight against the shell wall and work seamlessly with the Mark IV Tank Scanner.


  • Carbon fiber casing
  • Pivoting handle assembly
  • User-friendly software
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Manual & mapping modes
  • Ajustable handle assembly
  • Seamless compatibility with Mark IV
  • Disconnect bridge for easy shipping
  • Only 61lbs
    mfe edge


    The MFE EDGE is the MFE Enterprises' newest tank edge scanner. The EDGE features the user-friendly, quick and efficient software of the Mark IV Tank Scanner, but has a pivoting handle that allows the scanner to fit tight against the storage tank shell in the critical zone. The MFE EDGE is designed to work along side the Mark IV by creating analytical reports that can be imported into the Mark IV Tank Scanner.
    mfe edge standing upright


    Scan Width 6"
    Maximum Single Scan Length None
    Test Through Coatings Yes, if non-magnetic
    Power Requirements Hot Swappable Batteries
    Real Time Analysis A-Scan / C-Scan Views
    Monitor GETAC F110 Tablet
    Operation Weight 61lbs / 28kg
    Sensitivity Adjustable
    Adjustable Threshold Yes
    Speed Compensation Yes

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