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MFE 1212 Mark II - Edgescan Manual Tank Scanner

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MFE 1212 Mark II - Edgescan Manual Tank Scanner
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MFE 1212 Mark II - Edgescan Manual Tank Scanner

The MFE 1212 Mark II Edgescan Tank Floor Scanner is a must have for storage tank owners.

mfe-1212-Mark II Manual tank scanner

This unit is used as an alternative to scrubbing the critical zone (plate to shell) with ultrasonic testing, saving users both time and money.

Storage tanks are available in many shapes:  vertical and horizontal cylindrical; open top and closed top; flat bottom, cone bottom, slope bottom and dish bottom.

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Wastewater Storage Tanks
  • Municipal Wastewater Tanks
  • Wastewater Treatment Storage Tanks
  • Bolted Storage Tanks
  • Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks
  • Food Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Epoxy-Coated Carbon Steel Tanks
  • Mineral Storage Tanks
  • Petrochemical Process Tanks
  • Petrochemical Storage Tanks
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks

Horizontal wheels and a pivoting handle ALLOW the EdgeScan to fit tight against tank shells, allowing operators greater clearance for more accurate and consistent inspection results.


Switch Panel has been redesigned to control all functions including on/off, gain, alarm, reset and display brightness. The display now uses bright LEDs to allow comfortable viewing even in sunlight. The EdgeScan offers the same Real Time Display and can be easily upgraded to Mark III electronics and touch screen Toughbook.






  • MFE Electronics Module Compatible
  • Panasonic ToughBook Compatible
  • Displays Digital Volume Loss Signals in real time
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Adjustable Display Brightness capable of viewing in sunlight
  • Adjustable Gain for improving signal and reducing noise
  • Horizontal Guide Wheels
  • Pivoting Handle
  • Scan speeds up to 3 feet per second
  • Doubled Magnetic Material in Bridge
  • Performs inspections of thicker plate
  • Performs through coating inspections
  • 6" Scan Width
  • Battery powered for over 12 hours of continuous use



Scan Width:  6 Inches 
Maximum Single Scan Length:  None 
Speed:  3 feet per second 
Thickness Range:  up to 3/8
Test through coatings:  Yes, if non-magnetic 
Maximum Coating Thickness:  Floor Plate and coating up to 3/8
Real Time Analysis:  Yes, 6 channels 
Power Requirements:  12V Battery 
Operation Weight:  50 lbs. 
Sensitivity:  Adjustable 
25 Ft. extended signal cable:  Optional 
Soft Carrying Case:  Optional 
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