Met-L-Chek VBP-300 Visible Dye Penetrant

Met-L-Chek VBP-300 Visible Dye Penetrant

Visible, water washable, and solvent removable inspection penetrant, designed for: - General metalworking - Welding - Nuclear - Automotive applications

Met-L-Chek VPB 300 Visible Dye Penetrant

VBP300 is a water washable, high viscosity, biodegradeable, dark red colored penetrant with an extended temperature range. The use of a water washable penetrant allows access penetrant to be removed by water spray or it can be wiped from the surface with either water or a solvent remover moistened rag. Accidental spill of water washable penetrant are readily cleaned up.

VBP300 is an oil and solvent free biodegradable penetrant and has found wide use in the inspection of food and dairy processing equipment. It is more environmentally friendly than oil and solvent based materials.

VBP-300 is a visible (Type 2), water washable (Method A) and solvent removable (Method C) inspection penetrant. It is designed for use in general metalworking, welding, nuclear and automotive applications for surface flaw detection.

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Met-L-Chek Sherwin Magnaflux Ardrox
VBP-300 DP-50 SKL-WP 906
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Met-L-Chek VBP-300, 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-VBP-300-01 $90.00
Met-L-Chek VBP-300, 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-VBP-300-05 $360.00
Met-L-Chek VBP-300, 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-VBP-300-55 $3,032.00