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Met-L-Chek P.E. Penetrants

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Met-L-Chek P.E. Penetrants
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Met-L-Chek P.E. Penetrants

Met-L-Chek manufactures a complete line of post emulsifiable fluorescent penetrants and emulsifiers (Type I, Methods B & D), designed to meet the requirements of virtually every inspection application. Products are available in increments of sensitivity level 1 - 4.

  • All the materials are listed on the Qualified Products List for AMS-2644.
  • They meet the requirements of AMS-2647, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASTM E-165, and ASTM E-1417 for penetrant inspection materials.
  • All meet the OSHA open tank use requirement of having Flash Points over 200 °F (93°C).
  • They are low in Sulfur, Chlorine, and other Halogens, making them safe for use on Titanium and high Nickel alloys.

In view of the fact that the penetrant and emulsifier are qualified to the AMS-2644 specification together, it means that they must be used as a family of materials. Method B ( lipophilic ) employs E-57 as the emulsifier and Method D ( hydrophilic ) uses E-58D at a concentration of 17-20 % in water. Most aerospace OEM's use or recommend use of Method D.

Met-L-Chek's level 2, 3, & 4 Method D materials are approved by GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce turbine engine groups.

The key processing differences between the two approaches are in the emulsification techniques. When using Method B the penetrant covered part is immersed in the emulsifier, removed, and allowed to drain for a specified time before the part is washed. For  Method D the penetrant covered part is given a short water pre-rinse, then immersed in the diluted emulsifier for a specified time, removed and washed. The Method D emulsifier bath is generally under gentle agitation during the immersion step. The Method D emulsifier may also be applied as a spray remover, in which case the water pre-rinse is not generally required.

Although Met-L-Chek offers sensitivity levels 1-4, for most applications requiring level 1 and 2 it is generally recommended that water washable penetrants be used rather than the post emulsifiable process. Even level 3 water washable is recommended over methods B & D for everything except critical high stress or rotating turbine engine components.

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Met-L-Chek Sherwin Magnaflux Ardrox
FP-93A(M) RC-50 ZL-2C 9812
FP-95A(M) RC-65 ZL-27A 9813
FP-97A(M) RC-77

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Part #
Product Name Part # Price Qty
Met-L-Chek FP-93A(M), 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-93AM-01 $85.00
Met-L-Chek FP-93A(M), 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-93AM-05 $302.00
Met-L-Chek FP-93A(M), 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-93AM-55 $2,400.00
Met-L-Chek FP-95AM, Case of 12/16 oz. (400ml) Spray PT-MC-M-FP-95AM-16 $144.00
Met-L-Chek FP-95A(M), 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-95AM-01 $94.00
Met-L-Chek FP-95A(M), 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-95AM-05 $380.00
Met-L-Chek FP-95A(M), 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-95AM-55 $3,010.00
Met-L-Chek FP-97A(M), 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-97AM-01 $128.00
Met-L-Chek FP-97A(M), 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-97AM-05 $490.00
Met-L-Chek FP-97A(M), 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-FP-97AM-55 $4,030.00