Met-L-Chek MPI-80 & WCP-81 Visible Wet Particles

Met-L-Chek MPI-80 & WCP-81 Visible Wet Particles

Met-L-Check MPI-80

MPI-80 is a premixed ready-to-use visible black magnetic particle bath, designed for high sensitivity visible magnetic particle inspection. MPI-80 is MPI-80P mixed in Met-L-Glo MPI Fluid C2 and particle flow stabilizers. MPI-80 is often used with WCP-81 white contrast paint, to increase contrast for fine flaw detection. It meets the requirements of AMS-3042 and ASTM E-1444, for visible wet method magnetic particle inspection. Aerosols are pressurized with nonflammable environmentally friendly CO2 gas.

MPI-80 Technical Data Sheet

MPI-80P Technical Data Sheet

AMS-3042, ASTM E-709, ASTM E-1444, APR RP 5A5 and ASME SE-709, B&PV code, section V, art. 7&25.

Available in cases of 12 and 16 oz Aerosol Cans.

Met-L-Chek WCP-81

WCP-81 is a special white contrast paint used to create a uniform inspection background for visible magnetic particle inspection. It is sprayed onto the inspection area and allowed to dry. The coating is not effected by the wet method bath fluids, but is easily removed with R-504 cleaner.

Available in cases of 12 and 16 oz. Aerosol Cans



Visible Wet Magnetic Particle Kits

16 oz. Aerosol Cans 4 can Kit 8 can Kit
Packaging Metal Case Metal Case
R-504 Cleaner 1 2
MPI-80 1 2
WCP-81 2 4
Part # MT-MC-7016-4 MT-MC-7016-8


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Met-L-Chek MPI-80, Case of 12/16 oz. Aerosols MT-MC-M-MPI-80-16 $140.00
Met-L-Chek MPI-80, 5 gal MT-MC-M-MPI-80-5 $192.00
Met-L-Chek MPI-80P-4.4 lbs. MT-MC-M-MPI-80P-4 $100.00
Met-L-Chek MPI-80P-11 lbs. MT-MC-M-MPI-80P-10 $205.00
Met-L-Chek WCP-81, Case of 12/16 oz. Aerosols MT-MC-M-WCP-81-16 $144.00
Met-L-Chek WCP-81, 1 Gallon MT-MC-M-WCP-81-1 $96.00
Met-L-Chek WCP-81, 5 Gallon MT-MC-M-WCP-81-5 $474.00
Met-L-Chek Wet Visible Kit-4 MT-MC-M-KIT-7016-4 $88.00
Met-L-Chek Wet Visible Kit-8 MT-MC-M-KIT-7016-8 $115.00