Met-L-Chek D-70 Nonaqueous

Met-L-Chek D-70 Nonaqueous

Met-L-Chek D-70

Nonaqueous inspection developer used with both fluorescent and visible penetrants

AMS-2644 Form "d" and "e" Developer

Listed on the Qualified Products List for AMS-2644.

Meets the requirements of:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • ASTM E-165
  • ASTM E-1417

Low in residual Sulphur, Chlorine, and other Halogens

Safe for use on titanium and high Nickel alloys found in nuclear components.

Applied by spraying, either from an aerosol can or by conventional spray gun.

It is applied after the surface penetrant has been removed and the inspection surface dried. The solvent action of this type of developer helps bring the penetrant to the surface, enhancing the detectability of the flaw.

The solvent carrier is flammable and use around open flames should be avoided.

Cross Reference Penetrant Chart - click on the links for more information

Met-L-Chek Sherwin Magnaflux Ardrox
D-70 D-100


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Met-L-Chek D-70, Case of 12/16 oz. Aerosols PT-MC-M-D-70-12x16 $152.00
Met-L-Chek D-70, 1 Gallon PT-MC-M-D-70-01 $82.00
Met-L-Chek D-70, 5 Gallon PT-MC-M-D-70-05 $291.00
Met-L-Chek D-70, 55 Gallon PT-MC-M-D-70-55 $2,470.00