Maurer Magnetics Zero Gauss Chamber

Maurer Magnetics Zero Gauss Chamber

Maurer Magnetics Zero Gauss Chamber

zero-gauss-chamber zero-gauss-chamber

The Zero-Gauss Shielding chamber is used for measurements that are virtually free from the influence of the earth's magnetic field and your environment.

Exclusion of the environmental magnetic field due to the Zero-Gauss chamber's high shielding factor enables accurate measurements in all directions. This is especially relevant for elongated components and for materials with a high initial magnetic permeability. Maurer Magnetics Zero-Gauss-Chamber allows for more consistent measuring results when measuring residual magnetism in ferromagnetic parts with Gauss Meters.

The Zero Gauss Chamber delivers consistent test results due to measurements taken within a chamber that shields the magnetic field of the earth. Therefore, the test results can be reproduced at any location which provides global quality control.

  • Location independent and consistent measurement results
  • Specified shielding factor for measuring capability
  • Raised platform for comfortable operation and defined measuring surface
  • Heavy duty, for shop floor use


Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
Zero Gauss Chamber - 17" DE-MM-30082 $4,785.00
Zero Gauss Chamber - 21" DE-MM-30147 $6,080.00