Maurer Degaussing M-Test MK4

Maurer Degaussing M-Test MK4

Maurer Degaussing M-Test MK4

Universal meter for measuring magnetic fields

maurer magnetics m-test-mk4

The M-Test MK4 detects and measures static or dynamic magnetic fields. The tangential probe is only 1mm thick, allowing for exact, accurately positioned measurements at hard to reach spots or on surfaces. The M-Test MK4 is especially suited for measuring permanent magnets or small ferromagnetic parts.

When the user runs the probe over the surface of a part, the magnetic field is easily detected by the fast reacting color LEDs. By pressing the button on the probe, the peak hold function makes it possible to easily find and determine the spots with the highest field strength for any polarity. m-test-mk4-probe


Measuring Range, DC field: -19.99 ... 19.99 mT or -15.9 ... 15.9 kA/m
-199.9 ... 199.9 mT or -159 ... 159 kA/m
-1999 ... 1999 mT or -1590 ... 1590 kA/m
(mT - kA/m selectable)
Measuring Range, AC field: 14.14 mT or 11.25 kA/m
141.4 mT or 112.5 kA/m
1414 mT or 1125 kA/m
Frequency range 14 ... 1000Hz sine, triangle, rectangle
Accuracy in homogenous magnetic field: +/- 1.5% in low range; +/- 1 digit at 23°C
+/- 0.6% in mid range; +/- 1 digit at 23°C
+/- 0.6% in high range; +/- 1 digit at 23°C
Zero Offset (after 1 min.): +/- 0.05 mT; +/- 0.04 kA/m
LED polarity display on the probe: Red = north pole, green = south pole, orange = AC field
Polarity display on the gauge: () = north pole, (-) = south pole
Threshold of polarity display (LED): +/- 0.5 mT; +/- 0.4 kA/m
Automatic Off with battery power: 4 minutes without activity
Battery: 9V, Type 6 LF 22; AM6. Endurance: 20 hours
Length of probe cable: 1.2 m
Weight including battery: 300 g.

M-Test MK4 Includes:

  • M-Test MK4 Instrument
  • Probe with Cable
  • Battery
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case


  • Calibration Certificate for documenting traceability to national standards
  • Software including data cable for recording and evaluating measured data
  • Instrument Case
  • Power adapter 9 V DC, power stabilized

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
M-Test MK4 DE-MM-30035 $1,995.00
Power Adapter 9V power stabilized DE-MM-30041 $135.00
Software and Cable for M-Test LR / MK4 DE-MM-30079 $300.00
Calibration Certificate M-Test MK4 DE-MM-DL156 $675.00
Instrument Case M-Test LR / MK4 DE-MM-Y01123 $315.00