Maurer Degaussing M-Test LL

Maurer Degaussing M-Test LL

Maurer Degaussing M-Test LL

Meter for measuring residual magnetism in a fast and reliable way


The M-Test LL has been developed specifically for the simple and reproducible measurement of residual magnetism. The M-Test LL is robust and easy to operate and can be used for various applications in the field as well as in the lab. The color touch screen displays the measured values and automatically saves the maximum values which can be reset by the screen. Zero adjustment is done with push buttons. The probe tip contains an LED that indicates the smallest areas with residual magnetism with a response time of 1ms. The probe is connected to the indicating device by a spiral cable which can be plugged in on either side.


  • Fast detection of even the smallest sites of residual magnetism with LED indication
  • Automatic storage of maximum values for north and south pole
  • High quality aluminum housing with color touchscreen with reset for maximum values
  • Selectable units: A/cm, Gauss, mT
  • Measuring Range: +/-160 A/cm, +/-200 Gauss, +/-20mT
  • Measures the smallest magnetic fields due to the low and defined distance between the sensor and probe surface
  • AC and DC-Field measuring*
  • AC Peak and RMS selection
  • Digital zero adjustment
  • Temperature compensated sensor - no drifting
  • Accu status indicator
  • Battery life up to 7 hours
  • Integrated analog interface
  • For use in laboratory, development and production

*The AC-Field measuring is intended as a rough estimation of the magnetic field, e.g. exposure of people.

The basic configuration has an analog output. With the option of a USB interface, the measured values can be re-evaluated on a PC. The software is included.


  M-Test LL
  A/cm Gauss mT
Range in magnetic DC field: +/- 160 A/cm +/- 200 Gauss +/- 20 mT
Resolution: 0.1 A/cm 0.1 Gauss 0.01 mT
LED Threshold: Approx. +/- 1.7 A/cm Approx. +/- 2.1 Gauss Approx. +/- 0.21 mT
Analog Output: +/- 1.4V of full scale
Accuracy in Homogenous DC field: 1.5% of full scale; +/- 1 digit
Frequency Range in AC field: approx. 5Hz to 20kHz
Sensor Type Probe M-Test LLP 0.5: Transversally mounted Hall effect sensor, temperature compensated, no drift
Measuring Distance: 0.5mm distance from Hall effect sensor to probe surface (2mm with optional adapter).
Polarity Indication on LED: Red = north pole, green = south pole, orange = out of range (overflow)
Automatic OFF: 15 minutes without activity on battery
Battery Type / Charging Time: Lithium Polymer battery, 2 sets / approx. 6 - 7 hours charging time
Battery Life: Approx. 7 hours continuously
Probe Cable: Spiral cable, stretched length 2m
Dimensions of measuring device: 6.5" x 4.2" x 1.3" / 166 x 106 x 34mm
Dimensions of Probe: 2.8" x 0.5" x 0.14" / 70 x 12 x 3.5mm / protruding from handle
Weight (probe and indicator): 1.1 lbs / 500g
Shipping Weight: 2.2 lbs / 1000g

M-Test LL Includes:

  • M-Test LL Instrument
  • Probe
  • Spiral cable to connect the probe
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Operating Manual
  • Soft Storage case
  • Manufacturer Test Certificate


  • Calibration certificate for documenting traceability to national standards
  • USB interface with software
  • Adapter for measuring distance of 2.0mm
  • Reference magnet
  • Instrument case
  • Mini Zero Gauss Chamber for Zeroing Probe free of external influences
  • Zero Gauss chamber 17" or 21" for residual magnetism measuring

Mini-Zero-Gauss-Chamber suitable for all M-Test devices.

For shielding ambient magnetic fields:

  • Minimization of measuring errors through zero point calibration
  • Test report included in scope of delivery

*Minimum Requirement: M-Test LL Instrument + Probe (select below)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
M-Test LL Kit, includes Instrument and LLP 0.5 Probe DE-MM-T-MTESTKIT $1,750.00
M-Test LL indicating device DE-MM-T-00001 $1,395.00
Probe M-Test LLP 0.5 DE-MM-T-00018 $775.00
USB Interface M-Test LL including software DE-MM-T-00030 $450.00
Reference Magnet M-Test MKIII DE-MM-T-00080 $325.00
Adapter Reference Magnet M-Test LL DE-MM-T-00080-3 $55.00
Calibration certificate for documenting traceability to national standards DE-MM-DL50 $495.00
Mini Zero Gauss Chamber DE-MM-T-0070 $475.00