Mash Project UCI Hardness Tester TKM-459CE-UCI

Mash Project UCI Hardness Tester TKM-459CE-UCI

Mash Project UCI Hardness Tester

TKM-459CE UCI with special head

The TKM-459CE uses a Vickers diamond indenter at low loads (1,5 or 10 kg,) for virtually non-destructive hardness measurements. The TMK-495CE-UCI tester can be used for applications such as:

  • Finished machined parts such as crankshafts, gears, etc. (5 kg probe)
  • Hard chrome plated shafts (1 or 5 kg probe)
  • Surface hardened parts (1 or 5 kg probe)
  • Hardness profile of pipeline and pressure vessel welds (10 kg probe)

The TK-495CE-UCI can be used in any position and it finds its place on the jobsite, factory or laboratory.


  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • Bright color graphic display that allows measurements at below zero temperature and this display stays bright in all lighting conditions
  • Statistical data processing system
    and averaging of readingsfeatures
  • Special calibrations for non-standard materials can be easily made using one or two known hardness samples
  • Memory for recorded measurements, readings, and their analysis
  • Stable readings independent from force and time of load applications
  • Minimally affected by curvature, thickness, and weight of the test piece
  • Hardness measurement in hard-to-reach-areas
  • Very small control area from .040in (1mm)
  • Measure in keyways and blind holes from 0.2in (5mm). Which is not possible with other types of hardness testers
  • Microscopic indentation does not ruin most highly finished parts

TKM-459CE Applications:

  • Carbon and structural steelsapplications
  • Hard-surfaced items (nitride hardening, high frequency surface hardening)
  • Heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, stainless steels
  • Non-ferrous metals and alloys (cast iron, aluminum, bronze, brass)
  • Electroplated coating (chrome, copper, nickel, zinc, tin) plated
  • Items of complex configuration (gear teeth, shafts, pipes of any diameter, grooves, blind holes)
  • Thin-walled and small-sized items
  • Large items and heavy-duty equipment (gas pipelines, rails, construction elements)

Testing Requirements:

  • Items heavier than 2.2lb (1kg) and thicker testing requirements
    than 0.08in (2mm) need no additional preparation
  • Items lighter than 2.2lb (1kg) should be fixed in a vice clamp or on a support plate by fixing paste
  • Items thinner than 2mm should be fixed in a vice clamp or on a support plate by fixing paste
  • Roughness of controlled surface providing best measurement accuracy is 1.6 RA

Hardness Tester Modes
Measurement Mode Readings Application
By basic scales Basic hardness units (HRC, HB, HV) Hardness testing of the bulk of products
By additional calibrations to basic scales By HRA, HRB, HSD scales and ultimate tensile strength Hardness testing of high-alloy steels, special cast iron and nonferrous metals
By additional scales Scales are programmed by the user
Special problem solving

The parameters of the statistical processing of measurements

  • Maximum, minimum, mean value, standard deviation from the mean
  • The average deviation from the values set by a user, results are more/less the values, the maximum deviation in the large,smaller side of the value
  • Number of results outside the upper/lower limit of range (user specified), maximum deviation from the upper/lower border
  • Automatic rejection of garbage/incorrect measurement
  • Comparison of results of measurements in the series (the comparison charts on the display of the hardness tester)

Probe Specifications UCI Method

Photo Probe Type Load Length Diameter Application
probes a-h-c
A 5kg (11lb) 5.7" (145mm) 1"
Solving of main hardness testing tasks
H 1kg (2.2lb) 5.7"
Galvanic coating hardness measurements (chrome, etc.)
C 10kg (22lb) 5.7
Weld in pipelines, pressure vessels, minimum
probe k
K 5kg (11lb) 3"
Hardness control in tubes and hard-to-reach areas
probe al
AL 5kg (11lb) 7"
Hardness testing in hard-to-reach areas (length of tip 53mm)

Technical Specifications:

Accuracy 3%
Rockwell 1.5 HRC
Brinell 10 HB
Vickers 12 HV
Quantity of additional scales calibrations 50
Quantity of additional scales 3
Duration of measurements for average reading calculation 1-99
Memory Capacity 12,400 Readings
Maximum quantity of named blocks of readings generated in memory 100
Quantity of algorithms to discard known false readings during average value calculation 3
PC Connections USB
Power Supply Li-ion accumulator
Dimensions of hardness tester electronic unit 4.8” x 2.7” x 1.6” (121 x 69 x 41mm)
Weight of Electronic Unit 0.66 lbs. (0.3kg)
Weight of A-Probe 0.66 lbs. (0.3kg)
Operating Temperature Range 5? to 95?F (-15? to 35?C)
Warranty Period 1 Year

Standard Kit Includes:

  • Instrumentkit
  • Rechargeable Batteries (pre-installed)
  • UCI probe (A-type)
  • Connecting cable for UCI probe (A-type)
  • Charger
  • PC cable
  • Soft case
  • Cuff to fix device on arm
  • Bag for carrying and storing

Additional Accessories:

  • Replaceable probes of different construction and load
  • Special head "U-459" to facilitate positioning of the probe on complex surfaces
  • Connection cables

additional accessories

Product Literature

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Portable UCI Hardness Tester TKM-459CE Includes: Unit, Probe Type A (50 N), Accumulator (pre-installed), Connecting Cable, Charger, PC Cable and Storage Bag HT-MP-TKM-459CE-UCI Request Pricing