Magnaflux & Solid State Contact Blocks

Magnaflux & Solid State Contact Blocks

To Facilitate the use of Cables with Wet Mag. Units

Magnaflux & Solid State Systems Contact Blocks

Contact blocks permit remote testing of parts that are too heavy for processing on a unit. When clamped between the head and tailstock, the block supplies a magnetizing current to remote prods or clamps through flexible cables.

*Cables not included

Part #'s
MT-MX-1830 - Magnaflux Contact Block
MT-SSS-A-P-0012 - Solid State Contact Block

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnaflux Contact Block MT-MX-1830 $149.00
Contact Block, 12" MT-SS-A-P-0012 $138.50