Magnaflux SB-Series Demagnetizers

Magnaflux SB-Series Demagnetizers

Stand Alone Intermittent Duty Demagnetizers

Magnaflux SB-Series
Stand Alone, Intermittent Duty Demagnetizers


Magnaflux demagnetizing units remove any residual magnetism remaining after Magnetic Particle Inspection testing. Demagnetization of ferromagnetic parts and materials is often a prerequisite to final finishing or to ready an item for its ultimate use. Industrial demagnetizing is not an easy task, unless an effective demagnetizing system is used. It is especially difficult when the magnetic field must be reduced to a very low level. Compact in size and ruggedly built, Magnaflux Demagnetization equipment offers a fast and efficient method for demagnetizing a broad variety of part types and sizes following the magnetic particle inspection process.

Typical Applications:

  • Demagnetizing parts that have been subjected to magnetic particle inspection
  • Removing residual magnetism in parts intended for use near magnetic instrumentation
  • Demagnetizing parts with bearing or journal surfaces
  • Demagnetizing parts after contact with magnetic chucks or lifting magnets

Standard Features:

  • 14” x 16” window size
  • User friendly control panel with one touch demag
  • Adjustable shot time
  • Demagnetization time intermittent: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

Optional Features:

  • 12,000 A-Turns to increase the demagnetizing capability by 50%
  • Track and Carriage slides parts easily through the demagnetizer with less part handling (reduces the inside dimensions slightly to 14”x14” on the SB-1416 and 28”x22” on the SB-2824)

There are 2 models to choose from:

  • SB-1416
  • SB-2824


Unit SB-1416 SB-2824
Dimensions 30" x 45 "x 57"
(76 x 114 x 148 cm)
30" x 57" x 64"
(76 x 145 x 163 cm)
Weight 460 lbs. (208 kg) 810 lbs. (367 kg)
8000 A-Turns 8000 A-Turns
Window Size 14" x 16"
(36 x 41 cm)
28" x 24"
(71 x 61 cm)
380, 415, 460, 575 V 380, 415, 460, 575 V
50 or 60 Hz 50 or 60 Hz

Product Literature

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Magnaflux SB-2824 Demagnetizer MT-MX-SB-2824 Request Pricing
Magnaflux SB-1416 Demagnetizer MT-MX-SB-1416 Request Pricing