Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Bar

Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Bar

Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Bar

The Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Bar is used as a test piece with artificial flaws, to establish field direction and determine adequate current levels using AC or DC currents in wet horizontal magnetic particle bench units. The bar contains both fine and coarse defects, surface and subsurface defects and longitudinal and transverse indications.

As required in some specifications, this bar may be used to determine that the MPI procedure has the ability to detect a 1/16" x 0.006" x 0.01" (LxWxD) notch (maximum dimension) oriented 90° to the magnetic flux. It is made of low alloy steel and is filled flush with a non-conducting material to prevent mechanical holding of the magnetic particles.


Place bar in wet horizontal unit between head and tailstock. Orient the test bar so that Magnaflux logo faces the operator. Using the table below, apply the proper current and bath to find indications.

Current & Bath Selection
Direction Magnetization of Bar Surface Cracks Sub-Surface Cracks Min. Current Needed to Find Indication
Longitudinal Pass current through the bar (Contact Shot) AC Current DC Current AC 160 / DC 400 amps
Transverse Place bar in coil (Lengthwise) AC Current DC Current AC 450 / DC 780-890 amps

Specifications Compliance:

Meets or exceeds most industrial and military standards for artificial test specimens.

Can be used for system performance test similar to AS5282 ring.

ASTM E 709-08 (Section 20.8.1)

ASTM E 1444 (Section 7.1.2)

Dimensions: 10" x 1.25" x 3/8" (approx. 254mm x 31mm x 10mm)

Weight: 5 lbs.

Magnaflux Part # - MT-MX-189838

MX Industrial (equivalent to Magnaflux's MPI Test Bar) Part # - MT-MXI-MX3508

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Bar MT-MX-189838 $668.00
MX Industrial MPI Test Bar (189838 equivalent) MT-MXI-MX3508 $630.00 $495.00