Mag-PIE NPT-22, 1% FWDC Ammeter

Mag-PIE NPT-22, 1% FWDC Ammeter

Mag-PIE Model NPT-22
1% FWDC Ammeter


The Mag-PIE Model NPT-22 current meter is for installation on new or old mag particle equipment to provide 1% accuracy of output current with the most up-to-date PCB technology. This unit is designed to replace the old analog or digital ammeters that had a 2.75" to 4" diameter mounting hole but can be a worthy addition to any newly fabricated machine. A high visibility LED digital panel display gives readout of the output current in amperes (x,1000). Infinite hold, auto reset and update functions are standard features and will meet or exceed all industrial and military requirements. Factory calibrated for mean average FWDC input signals to be derived from external current shunts with a ratio of 50 mV / 1000 amp but can be ordered with optional ratios of 50 mV / 1500 or 50 mV / 2500 amps.


Basic Accuracy: 1% + 2 digits 0-2kHz CF2 mean average
Range: 100 to 19,999 amperes (0.10 to 19.99 x 1000 A)
DPM Display: 31/2" LED 0.56" (14mm) digits
Conversion Time: 280msec
Auto Reset Time: 1 second
Signal Input: 50mV/1000A Meter Shunt
Input Impediance: 100Ω
Power Line Input: 100 to 120 VAC; 47 / 63Hz
Temperature Range: 38°F to 130°F (3°C to 54°C)
Dimensions: 4" x 4.3" x 2.5" (102 x 109 x 64 mm)
Weight: 11 oz.


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