Logos Imaging NEOS III

Logos Imaging NEOS III

Logos Imaging NEOS III


This latest small format DR imaging system is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the workplace. The imager is housed in a Mg and includes shielding to allow use with higher X-ray energies. The design provides shock vibration and water ingress protection. Also included in the NEOS III are built-in wireless communications and a removable battery that provides two hours of operation for situations where ultra-portability and short range communications are desirable.


  • Wired and Wireless Operation
  • 8 mm Bottom Border
  • High Resolution and Sensitivity, 127 µm Pixel size, 39 lp/mm
  • Multiple Scintillator Options

The NEOS III is a medium format portable digital radiography system that generates high resolution, high sensitivity digital images. The system is Logos Imaging's lightest and most portable DR imaging solution. In environments where wireless communication is acceptable, the entire imaging system consists of a flat panel detector, an operating PC, LIA NOT software and carrying case.


In full wireless mode, the NEOS III can operate for up to two hours on a single battery charge. The system includes two batteries for total of up to 4 hours of operation on a single battery charge (additional batteries can be purchased to extend run time). The batteries can easily be changed in the field and are charged with the supplied dual battery charger.


logos-imaging-neos-III-kit With a wireless range of 50 m using only the PC or tablet internal wireless card, users can work safely in almost any environment. When longer battery life and extended wireless range or wired operation are required, the ASYRMATOS II interface provides up to seven hours of additional battery life (the system can also be operated continuously when mains power is available at the PC workstation) and 400 m wireless range or up to 200 m wired range.


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