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LED UV Lamps


Mercury Vapor and Micro-discharge type UV lamps have been replaced by LEDs due to many factors including improved illumination, less heat, significantly longer bulb life and much lower fade-rate.

For those that do not want to purchase LED lamps, we suggest that you stock-up on replacement bulbs as they are becoming increasingly more difficult to source and expensive. As an alternative, we can supply LED bulbs that will convert your Mercury Vapor lamp into a LED UV Lamp. Note, that while these bulbs will meet intensity requirements, that alone does not make the lamp comply with the new ASTM E-3022 specification. That specification requires the lamp manufacturer to certify the complete lamp - not just the bulb. This code has requirements that make it prohibitively complex and time consuming for anyone but a lamp manufacturer to certify a UV lamp.

The latest LED UV Lamps have broader beams and higher intensity. If you working to Rolls-Royce specifications or similar specifications, intensity must be limited to less than 5,000 µW/cm2 due to concern for fading. This upper limit is, to our knowledge, not applicable to general industry or fluorescent magnetic particle and leak testing applications. Aerospace users also need to have a woods glass filter installed to assure that only 365nm UV-A is used to illuminate the test piece.

Since LEDs use much less electric current than Mercury Vapor lamps, battery operation is now becoming a commonly available feature. ASTM E-3022 requires that voltage is controlled so that illumination intensity is constant over the length of the battery charge.

For inspectors that need to document indications, we now offer a lamp with a built-in camera and one that also has measuring capability.



 UV-100 and 200 Series
uVision 365 Series - Code Lamp
uVision365 Series  
FL-200 LED UV Flashlight
XeLED 365 Compact LED UV-A Flashlight
HP3 High Intensity, Focusing, UV-A Flashlight
UV-200 Ultra High Intensity LED UV Lamp
X-Series Overhead LED UV Lamp
FN-365 Overhead LED UV Lamp
 LCNDT Overhead UV LED Panel Series
lcndt overhead-series  
EDGE 13 LED UV-A Overhead Lamp Series
NDT Supply UV Videoscope
ndt supply 6mm uv videoscope
ITI UVU UV Video Inspection System
ITI UVU UV Video Inspection System
 NDT Consultants UV-EYE
ndt consultants uv-eye