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LED HP3 High Intensity, Focusing, UV-A Flashlight

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LED HP3 High Intensity, Focusing, UV-A Flashlight
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LED HP3 High Intensity Focusing UV-A Flashlight


As bright as Micro-discharge lamps costing twice as much*
(LED-3HP+ 40,000 uv/cm2 @ 15" Spot Focus)
The Brightest LED UV Lamp available

Ideal for illuminating localized areas such as weld seams at a distance
Ideal for applications such as inspecting the:

  • inside of pipes and tubes
  • tank and boiler inspections
  • Leak testing and oil contamination


  • Rugged design - Built on MagLitetm body - Rugged, machined aluminum case. 
  • Uses regular D type batteries - Operates for days - not hours! 
  • Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance. 
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance. 
  • Scratch resistant quartz filter that reduces white light and boosts UV output 
  • High Intensity 365 nm Long Wave UV 
  • Low White Light Emission - less than 2 ft. candles - meets code! 
  • Adjustable spot focus  
  • Focused beam projects significant distance
  • No heat generation! 
  • High Intensity
  • 40k µW/cm² at 15 inches with focused beam
  • Rated for 11 years of continuous use! You’ll never need a replacement bulb. 
  • Individually serialized 
  • Meets and exceeds appropriate ASTM code requirements 
  • Mercury free 
  • The LED-HP3+ is easily focused to a high intensity spot that varies from a diameter of 2 1/2" at 1 foot to 3 1/2" at 5 feet.
  • The intensity at 5 feet exceeds 1,000uw/cm2
  • The unfocused beam is ring shaped allowing it to be used for the illumination of tube I.D.'s.
  • Additional features include - operates with regular "D" cell batteries for 12+ hours!


Typical Applications:

  • NDT - Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection 
  • Contamination 
  • Forensics - crime site investigation 
  • Counterfeit detection 
  • Chemical Detection (Organic / Inorganic substance) 
  • Medical applications 
  • Photo-catalytic reactions 
  • UV Air Purifier 
  • High-resolution optics 
  • UV activated applications 
  • Lighting 


LED UV Flashlight with Quartz Filter, 3-D Batteries, and UV Goggles.

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