LCNDT FL-200 Flashlight Type LED Black Light

LCNDT FL-200 Flashlight Type LED Black Light

LCNDT Flashlight Type LED Black Light

fl200 flashlight


3,000 µW/cm2 at 15"

Automatic shut-off function when battery reaches minimum acceptable power level

Powerful UV LEDs (365nm, pure UV-A)
Lightweight pocket-sized black anodized aluminum body
Code Compliant, meets ASTM requirements for FPI and MPI
Low visible light emission - less than 2 foot-candles (22 lux)
Low heat output
Lifetime of LEDs > 30,000 hours
Supplied with 2 Li-Ion batteries for continuous work up to 10 hours, Charge time = 4 hours
Supplied with a Certificate of Conformity
Woods Glass Filter
Wavelength Certification

lc ndt fl100


UV Intensity @15" (38cm) 3,000 µW/cm2
Diameter UV Coverage @15" (38cm) 5.1" (13cm)
Lifetime of LEDs 30,000 hours
Power Supply 115 -240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz (Universal)
Heat Low heat output
Dimensions 8.2" x 1.7" (210mm x 45mm)
Weight 0.6 lbs. (0.3 kg)

LC NDT FL-200 Beam Spread

The FL-200 Standard Package Includes:

Instrument uv-flashlight-with-cover
UV absorbing spectacles
2 #18650 Li rechargeable batteries
110-220 VAC charger
Robust carrying case

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LCNDT FL-200 LED UV Flashlight with UV Filter, Charger, 2x Batteries, Safety Glasses, Carrying Case & ASTM Certification UV-LC-FL200-UVC $450.00