Kowotest USAF CR Phantom Panel

Kowotest USAF CR Phantom Panel

USAF Approved CR Phantom, Type II
designed by USAF

USAF Computed Radiography (CR) Process Control Standard (PCS), NSN 6635-01-555-4372


Introduced by the USAF to assure satisfactory and repeatable results for nondestructive testing and to ensure long-term stability of the CR systems, CR Process Control procedures and an associated CR Process Control Standard (CRPCS) were developed. The procedures were placed into T.O.33B-1-2, Nondestructive Inspection General Procedures and Process Controls and the CRPCS has been assigned a National Stock Number (NSN 6635-01-555-4372) and made available to the USAF.


Test Material Application
Group Resolution, Type 38
Line Pair Gauge (A and B):
Measuring spatial resolution or un-sharpness
Contrast Sensitivity Gauge: Contrast sensitivity check
Centering Target: Central beam alignment
Afterglow Target: Evaluate CR image for evidence of overshoot or streaking in areas with high density contrast
Jitter Target: Determine if a lack of smooth movement of the imaging plate and laser scanning device occurs.
Geometric Distortion Markers
(4 places):
Evaluate image to determine if it is distorted in the X and / or Y-axis.


Dimensions: 14" x 17" x 0.75" / 350 x 430 x 19 mm

Scope of Supply:

  • CR Phantom in wooden case
  • Test Certificate according to USAF specifications and NSN 6635-01-555-4372
  • Declaration of Conformity according to ISO / IEC 17050-1

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Add to
Kowotest CR Phantom, Type II designed by USAF (USAF CRPCS), NSN 6635-01-555-4372 (11 00215) RT-KT-CR-PHAN-USAF $3,775.00