Koslow Scientific TE-3000 Thermal Electric Sorter

Koslow Scientific TE-3000 Thermal Electric Sorter

Koslow Scientific TE-3000 Thermal Electric Alloy Sorter

The Koslow TE-3000 Thermoelectric Alloy Sorter is used for quick and easy sorting and verification of alloy materials such as: nickel, aluminum, titanium alloys, stainless steel, super alloys, specialty steels, tool steels, low alloy steels and common steels. Other applications include the detection of plating and plasma coatings and sorting scrap.

The Thermoelectric Electric Alloy Sorter is the fastest metal sorter available, taking only one second per test. Thermoelectric technology is as simple to understand as an ordinary thermocouple and is widely accepted because its an ASTM approved method for sorting (ASTM E977). The easy-to-use sorter eliminates the need for costly laboratory analysis with slow turnaround times. The thermoelectric method of sorting is also extremely safe as no harmful isotopes or X-rays are used. Operating the TE-3000 is simple and requires little training.

Top fabricators in many industries worldwide, including scrap recyclers, pharmaceutical OEMs and aerospace industries, have chosen the TE-3000 Thermoelectric Alloy Sorter.

TE-3000 TE-3000 TE-3000
TE-3000 TE-3000 TE-3000

The TE-3000 now includes:

  • Specialized interchangeable probe tips for improved test metal contact
  • Handy protective carrying case
  • International voltage regulator
  • Data logging


Samples of your alloys can be evaluated free of charge.

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Koslow Scientific TE-3000-HD - Heavy Duty High Volume Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter MI-KS-TE-3000-HD $4,635.00