ThermApp MD Thermographic Remote Fever Scanner

ThermApp MD Thermographic Remote Fever Scanner

Mobile Thermal Imaging Device for Body Temperature Measurement

ThermApp MD by Opgal Optronics
Thermographic Remote Fever Scanner

ThermApp MD is a cost effective, fast screening Thermal Camera which allows immediate recognition of people with abnormal body temperature.

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ThermApp MD is a solution for measuring abnormal body temperature, which may indicate a fever. ThermApp MD does not require a person to be in close contact with anyone who might be carrying contagious viruses, such as Coronavirus (Covid-19). When someone with an abnormal temperature passes by the Camera, the system sends both an Audio & Visual alert, notifying you to prevent them from coming into the facility. Scanning is done from a safe distance of 2 - 10 meters, depending on the chosen lens.

Infrared Camera System


  • Specially calibrated to measure temperature on human skin
  • Available in 6.8mm and 19mm lenses
Kit Includes:
  • Specially calibrated Thermal Camera
  • Android mini-computer
  • Specially designed, easy to use App
  • Available in a fixed or Handheld configuration
Camera with Stand
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ThermApp MD Camera Kit, Including: Camera, Android Mini-computer, Android App TI-RTU-TAH68AQ-1100-MD $4,995.00