RTUTec ThermApp TH

RTUTec ThermApp TH

RTUTec Therm-App TH


Turning Android Smartphones into Professional Thermography Cameras

  • 384 x 288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality
  • Compact, Mobile, Lightweight, Thermographic Device
  • Accurate Temperature Measurements

Therm-App TH for Thermography - the Tool of the Future

The innovative Therm-App TH transforms your Android Smartphone into a professional, highly capable and constantly evolving thermographic tool. You can take accurate temperature measurements and share images and videos quickly and easily. Key features include manual and auto temperature scales, multiple color palettes, threshold hot / cold palettes, instant sharing, professional PC analysis and reporting software and many more.

Why use cumbersome costly and complex tools, when you can opt for an affordable and convenient device coupled with outstanding performance.


384*288 Pixels of Superb Image Quality

With its large thermal sensor and high 384*288 pixel resolution, Therm-App TH provides excellent performance. Therm-App TH provides you with the best image quality needed for your professional thermography requirements.


Compact, Mobile, Lightweight and User Friendly

Therm-App TH combines all the advantages of high quality thermal sensors with the powerful computing power and connectivity of Android devices. All these benefits are packed in a compact and lightweight thermographic tool that leverages modern smartphones' high quality, high definition and responsive touchscreens.


Connected Device for Data and Image Export Options

Therm-App TH saves you time by enabling thermal images and videos to be uploaded to Dropbox or emailed from the field. Now your data can be backed up and up to date all the time. Therm-App TH for thermography; you get instant, high quality images enabling you to provide fast, efficient and effective service.


Professional Thermographic PC Analysis & Reports

Therm-App TH's professional software features a full set of radiometric capabilities, enabling you to organize and evaluate infrared images and generate in-depth reports.


Tailored for Thermography

  • Accurate temperature measurements
  • Manual and auto temperature scales
  • Video and sound recording
  • Full thermographic data export
  • Digital zoom
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Customized annotations
  • Instant share and upload to Dropbox

Common Applications

Industrial Inspection Building Inspection HVAC Energy Audits
Save costs by locating trouble spots such as overheating components. Conduct interior or exterior surveys to identify energy loss or termites. Detect energy leaks or incorrect airflow distribution.
Electricity Audits Veterinary & Equine Health & Medicine
Therm-App-Electricity-Audits Therm-App-Veterinary-Equine Therm-App-Health-Medicine
Use as a predictive maintenance tool to scan the temperature variance of electrical equipment. Identify areas of injury up to three weeks before the appearance of clinical symptoms. Diagnose conditions such as irregular blood flow and inflammation.


The Therm-App TH comes with:

  • Protective Case
  • Ergonomic Handle & Phone Grip
  • 3 ea Micro USB Cables (connection from phone to camera)
  • User Manual
  • One year Warranty
  • Analysis and reporting software (upon request)
  • Free software updates (via google play)


Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
ThermApp TH TI-RTU-THERMAPP $2,500.00