Industrial Degauss Pipeline Demagnetizer

Industrial Degauss Pipeline Demagnetizer

Industrial Degauss
Pipeline Demagnetizer


Magnetized pipes are a pain. Arc blow can cause weld defects and frustrated welders. Welding rot and metal tools can stick. These all add up to delays on your project.

Industrial Degauss's IDMAG Pipeline Demagnetizer reduces magnetism, allowing your welding to take place as it should.

The IDMAG System is portable, powerful and easy to use.

The IDMAG System works on a range of pipes, which are typically 6" to 48" in diameter. This equipment has been built to be durable and withstand the rigors of the pipeline environment. It can be used in hot or cold, wet or dry and can take the physical abuse that most pipeline equipment is exposed to.

It features an easy to use 3 button control interface, a digital gaussmeter and a sealed enclosure for resistance to water, dust and welding debris, plus a flame and chemical resistant demagnetizing cable which will last in the field.

The equipment runs off of 120/240V, 50/60 Hz AC, single phase power source such as a standard gas-powered generator.

Using the equipment is simple. For example, for tie-ins you wrap the Degauss Cable around the pipe to be welded. Measure the magnetism with the gaussmeter. Adjust the power output so the gaussmeter reads zero. Start welding.

The Standard IDMAG System is used on pipes up to 30" in diameter and includes the following:

  • PowerBox
  • Degauss Cable
  • Gaussmeter
  • 120V in-line GFCI
  • 240V in-line GFCI
  • Equipment Manual
  • Equipment Cases

For pipe diameters larger than 30" or those that are heavily magnetized, we offer the IDMAG Power Multiplier. This allows a 2nd Degauss Cable to be used with the system and effectively doubles your demagnetizing power.

The IDMAG Power Multiplier Includes:

  • Degauss Cable
  • Power Multiplier
  • Equipment Cases

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
IDMAG System - For pipes up to 30" in diameter Includes: PowerBox, Degauss Cable, Gaussmeter, Power Cords & Equipment Case DM-ID-IDMAG Request Pricing
IDMAG Power Multiplier - For pipes 30" in diameter and greater Includes: Power Multiplier, Additional Degauss Cable and Equipment Case DM-ID-IDMAG-PM Request Pricing