Hocking MiniPhasec (reconditioned)

Hocking MiniPhasec (reconditioned)

Hocking MiniPhasec (reconditioned)

MiniPhasec offers full phase plane functionality in a compact package which can fit into a toolbox or briefcase. Its small dimensions and light weight make it ideal for the site engineer who needs to climb ladders, squeeze into tight access areas, or simply wishes to operate remote from AC power supplies.

MiniPhasec is designed for maximum operator convenience and is rugged enough for the rigours of continued site use. It is in use in the harshest testing environments, from the offshore oilfields to remote aircraft maintenance centres, and continues to perform time after time. True portability is ensured by battery operation, offered by rechargeable NiCad cells, or Alkaline cells that can be replaced easily in the field.

Eddy Current Testing
When an eddy current probe comes close to the surface of the metal, circulating currents are generated in the test piece. Variations in the material, such as flaws or property changes, will cause different traces to be shown on the instrument display. Surfaces rarely need preparation as the Eddy Current fields can penetrate thick coating materials with a sensitivity that allows a reliable inspection, other techniques often require a thorough cleaning of the surface.

In addition, Eddy Current inspection uses no consumables, and provides easily repeatable stored set-ups for ongoing condition monitoring. Eddy Current testing with MiniPhasec is ideal for a wide range of applications - surface breaking and sub-surface cracking, corrosion, changes in material property, metal sorting, weld cracking and many others.

Ease of Use
MiniPhasec is simple to set-up for specific applications, and with the 10 memories it is easy to store set-ups and recall them for future inspections. Twenty traces can also be stored, allowing the operator to compare the current tests with previous tests or reference traces. Reporting is also simple, a standard printer can be directly connected to the serial port.

Weld Inspection
MiniPhasec meets the most demanding requirements for inservice inspection of welds to detect the onset of fatigue cracking in steel structures, vessels, pipes, etc. This is performed with the WeldScan probe, providing one of the most sensitive and effective forms of weld integrity checking.

Although easy to learn and straightforward to apply, MiniPhasec with the WeldScan probe gives results equal to or better than far more complex inspections systems.


  • Weighs less than 3kg
  • Full Phase Plane capabilities in a highly portable package
  • 100 Hz to 3MHz frequency range
  • Storage for 10 inspection set-ups
  • Storage for 20 reference traces
  • Serial printer connection
  • Ideal for WeldScan Inspections
  • Widely used in Aerospace, power generation and general engineering industries
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