Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescopes

Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescopes

Robust Flexibility and Economy

Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescopes


The Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope has 18,000 optical glass fibers, delivering high resolution, sharpness and image detail. An acid-leached fiber imaging bundle increases image contrast. Image quality is further enhanced by the super bright Hawkeye SuperNOVA Light. The plastic coated stainless steel gooseneck sheath takes a set before insertion into a cavity.

The Classic Flexible is simpler and much less expensive than articulating flexible borescopes. The 90° Mirror Tip changes the direction-of-view of the Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope, just as mirror tubes do for the Pro and Classic Rigid Borescopes. Use the Classic Flexible when indirect access is required, but the path is simple enough to set the borescope before entry.


Note: Per Hawkeye, there is a $10 drop ship fee on all items

Direction-of-View 0° or use optional 90° adapter
Field-of-View 40° FOV
Depth-of-Field 15 - 75 mm
Distal Focus Fixed focus lens set
Tube Diameter 7.9 mm at 0°, 8.1 mm with 90° tip
Working Length 1000 mm
Insertion Tube Bend Radius 2.0"
Articulation None, Shapeable Gooseneck
Tube Construction Stainless Steel monocoil gooseneck inside, watertight PVC outside
Operating Temperature 0° to 170° F (-18° to 77° C)
Watertight Insertion Tube Up to 1 atm/1 bar (14.7 psig); approx. 30ft. water depth
Note 1 The eyepiece is splash proof only

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Replacement 90 Degree Mirror Tip for HFB2 RV-HG-HFB-90-2 $150.00
Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope Kit RV-HG-HFB2-NVK $2,995.00
Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope Only RV-HG-HFB2 $2,645.00
Hawkeye Flexible Carry Case RV-HG-HFC2 Request Pricing
Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED Light with Charger RV-HG-SUPERNOVA-LED $300.00