TX MS-2 Brinell Identation Measurement System

TX MS-2 Brinell Identation Measurement System

TX MS-2 Brinell Identation Measurement System


The TX MS-2 Brinell Indentation System with advanced visual technology captures the image using the CCD camera, recognizes and measures the diameter of the indentation automatically and then calculates and displays the Brinell hardness value directly. The image quality is bright and clear, the measurement process is efficient and the result is more accurate and objective than when using a microscope alone.


  • It has 100% automatic recognition ability for indentations on rough and rusted surfaces. No need for a manual tangent to assist in measurement.
  • The newly designed optical system and lighting device ensures that shallow indentation images also have clear edges and ideal contrast.
  • Cables are stronger, softer, more durable and more resistant to interference.
  • The newly upgraded software is up to 1µm resolution, which enables the whole system to achieve higher measurement accuracy and repeatability.
  • Each standard block is provided with 4 indentations of known diameter and size, which can check the deviation of indentation measurement at any time.
  • Can be calibrated with the liner scale, indentation measurement results with traceability.
  • Data is stored automatically and can be downloaded at any time.


1 - Excellent Image Processing
Excellent Image Processing Technology, 100% recognition rate for indentations on various surface finishings.
TX-MS-1-Automatic-Recognition 2 - Automatic Recognition
Manual and automatic recognition available, with manual rarely used.
3 - Clear and Sharp Image
Clear and sharp image from specially designed annular light source and high-grade lenses. Fantastic contrast.
tx-ms-1-camera-is-magnetic 4 - Camera is magnetic
Magnets in the camera make it stick to the work piece without holding, making measurements more stable. The camera is easy to move.
5 - Simple User Interface
Simple user interface makes operation easy.
tx-ms-1-automatic-data-storage 6 - Automatic Storage Data
Recorded data is automatically saved for review.
7 - Superior Compatibility
Measures any Brinell Indentation from any Brinell Hardness Tester.
  • Resolution: 1600 x 1200
  • Hardness Testing Range: 16-650 HBW
  • Diameter Testing Range:
    • 2.4-6mm (10mm ball indenter)
    • 2-4mm (7.26mm ball indenter)
    • 1.2-3mm (5mm ball indenter)
    • 0.6-1.5mm (2.5mm ball indenter)
  • Field of View: 8 x 6 mm
  • Test Resolution: 1 µm
  • Diameter Accuracy & Repeatabilty:
    • ± 0.4% (10mm ball indenter)
    • ± 0.8% (5mm ball indenter)
    • ± 1.2% (2.5mm ball indenter)
  • Weight of Camera: 0.385kg
  • Hardware Requirements:
    • CPU: more than 2GHz
    • Internal Storage: more than 2GB
    • Operation System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

Product Literature

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MS-2A, Brinell Indentation Measurement System for use with 10mm, 7.26mm, 5mm & 2.5mm ball indenters (330x260x150mm with no tablet) HT-TX-MS-2A $3,995.00