GraLab Darkroom Timer

GraLab Darkroom Timer

GraLab 300 Darkroom Timer

Even in total darkness you can read the minutes and seconds on GraLab's Model 300 Darkroom Timer. It is used in industrial/commercial photo labs, graphic arts, printing and hobbyist darkrooms and is probably the most popular darkroom timer of all time.

Set by seconds, minutes or a combination of the two, GraLab's exclusive dual-cam system gives you exact timing over long intervals.

Two, three-wire receptacles can control an enlarger or printer and safelight with a combination time/focus switch.

Rubber base pads, wall mounting keyholes and a recessed hand grip on the 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 2-1/2" polycarbonate case, gives you multiple placement choices.

  • Plastic boot over power switch prevents corrosion from chemicals or water
  • Buzzer automatically signals end of cycle (Volume controlled; Must be manually set)
  • Large 6.5" diameter face with easy-to-read glow in the dark numerals
  • Three wire grounded cord
  • Model 300 withstands high impact, resists chemicals and moisture, and is electrically nonconductive.
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GraLab Darkroom Timer, 110V PT-OM-300 $237.00
Dark Room Timer for use with 240V / 50 Hz PT-OM-300-250R $250.00