WikiScan Laser Weld Gauge

WikiScan Laser Weld Gauge

WikiScan Laser Weld Gauge

This product has been discontinued and replaced by Wiki-SCAN 2.0. For more information click on the link - Wiki-SCAN 2.0.

The WikiScan is a portable, non-contact weld bead and joint preparation inspection system that uses state-of-the-art laser sensor technology to measure geometric features of joint preparation and weld bead for process improvement and quality control.

By simply aiming the laser stripe of the handheld device at the point preparation or at the weld bead and pressing the button, the operator quickly obtains measurements which are automatically compared to preset thresholds based on specific applicable Welding Standards.

The WikiScan handheld inspection system is designed to improve the reliability and speed of weld inspection in manufacturing industries such as steel structure construction, shipbuilding, automotive and military as well as any other industrial applications where accurate weld quality assessment is important.

Immediate Go / No-Go results are available as well as saved pictures and results that can be later printed for hard copy documentation or analyzed by an SPC tool.


  • Very user friendly thanks to its integrated video and alignment functions: point, shoot and measure
  • Compares the measurements against set tolerance limits
  • Takes pictures of the joints and/ or welds for documentation
  • Zoom allows observation and measure of porosity, cracks and spatter
  • Stores up to 16GB of inspection results
  • Attaches voice and written comments to the inspection record
  • Illuminates the weld area for easier weld observation
  • Exports results to spreadsheet for additional analysis like SPC




  • Any weld inspector will be proficient with the Wiki-Scan within minutes
  • Real time reviewing for rapid evaluation of a joint or weld
  • Fatigue critical features such as toe angle, undercut and cracks can be quickly measured
  • Over welding can be quantified so excessive welding time, consummable and energy usage can be reduced, thus saving money
  • Can inspect any weld the operator's hand can reach

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This handheld wireless weld inspection system consists of a compact 3-D laser sensor integrated in an ergonomic handheld device. Featuring high-accuracy optical laser triangulation technology, the WikiScan uses the latest digital sensor technology to measure the geometry of the inspected features. This tool is designed to measure the geometrical characteristics of joint preparation and weld beads typically between 5 to 40mm face widths.


The user interface runs directly on the WikiScan device. It enables the operator to view the inspection results directly on the high definition touch screen. The 2D live video is also directly displayed on this interface for easier use of the system and for reporting function. It allows the user to select the feature to inspect and set acceptance limits based on specific applicable Welding Standards.


Optional Features:

WikiScan Automatic Defect Detection
With the Automatic Defect Detection option, you will just need to position the WikiScan over the joint and move along the joint to inspect. Every time a tolerance limit is exceeded, the WikiScan will vibrate, take a picture and record the value of the feature out of tolerance. (PN 508026)
WikiScan Lap Weld Template
This software option enables the Lap Weld Template in the WikiScan software. (PN 502016)
WikiScan Encoder
This hardware option adds the encoder wheel to the WikiScan. This option also includes the Automatic Defect Defection (508026). The Encoder will provide the exact location of the defect on the part. (PN 04582X)
WikiScan / Robo Module
This hardware option add the Robo module. (PN 045822)
robo module


Additional Accessories:

WikiScan Battery 21Wh
Additional battery for the WikiScan. (PN 99010020)
**The WikiScan system comes with 2 batteries included.
WikiScan Battery Charger
Addition battery charger for the WikiScan. (PN 99010021)
**The WikiScan system comes with 1 battery charger.
battery charger
WikiScan Verification Block
Additional Verfication block for the WikiScan. (PN 98780100)
**The WikiScan system comes with a verification block included.
WikiScan Earphones
Additional earphones for the WikiScan. (PN 99193000)
**The WikiScan system comes with one set of earphones included.
WikiScan USB Cable
Additional USB cable for the WikiScan. (PN 99193001)
**The WikiScan system comes with 1 USB cable included.
WikiScan Battery Screw Cap
Additional Battery Screw Cap for the WikiScan. (PN 93000023)
**The WikiScan system comes with 1 battery screw cap included.
WikiScan Encoder Wheel Silicone O-Ring
Additional 10 Encoder Wheel Silicone O-Ring for the Encoder of the WikiScan. (PN 99580200)
**The WikiScan Encoder comes with 2 Silicone O-Rings included.
WikiScan Carrying Case
Additional Carrying Case for the WikiScan. (PN 99211030)
**The WikiScan system comes with a carrying case included.

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Product Literature

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WikiScan System Package includes: WikiScan Wireless Weld Inspection System, 2x WikiScan Battery 21 Wh, WikiScan Battery Charger, WikiScan Verification Block, WikiScan Earphones, USB Cable, Carrying Case and Manual and Software on USB Key GA-WKI-027802 Request Pricing