G.A.L. Gage Co. : No: 13 Digital Pit Depth Gauge

G.A.L. Gage Co. : No: 13 Digital Pit Depth Gauge

G.A.L Gage Co.: No: 13 Digital Pit Depth Gage

This kit was designed for the Quality Control Department in the welding, pipe and structural industries, to be used where extreme accuracy is required in determining depths of pits, gauges, undercut, crown height, etc.

Can be used as a normal pit gauge by simply changing the bases.

  • Measuring Range 0"-10"
  • Graduations 0.001"
  • Accuracy meets or exceeds federal specs
  • Continuous Dial for 1/2" Travel
  • Revolution counter
  • Uniform pressure over full range of travel
  • Complete with 6 extensions rods from 0" to 6"
  • Micro probes for small diameter pits .062 - .025
  • Interchangeable bases

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
G.AL. Gage Co. CAT #13 Digital Pit Depth Gauge (Inch & Metric) GA-GAL-13DPR $353.75
GAL Gage Calibration (with single combined gage cert for multiple gage purchase - price per gage) GA-GAL-CAL-A $20.00
GAL Gage Calibration (with separate gage cert for each gage purchased - price per gage) GA-GAL-CAL-B $25.00