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Fischer Technology MMS DFT Coating Thickness Gauge

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Fischer Technology MMS DFT Coating Thickness Gauge
Product Description
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Fischer Technology MMS DFT Coating Thickness Gauge


Robust and powerful - the hand-held device for simple coating thickness measurements on steel or non-ferrous materials.


  • Drop resistant, dustproof and hose water protected (IP65)
  • Non-slip rubberized surface for the perfect feel
  • One-hand operation via 4 buttons for optimal work
  • Feedback by light, sound and vibration
  • High-contrast, rotating display for every viewing angle
  • Intuitive menu navigation allows easy handling even by untrained personnel
  • Graphical operation guides conduct the user through each process step
  • Three-point support for precise measurement in every situation
  • Long-lasting probe pole for permanently reliable measurement results

*Measuring Range: 0-100mils (0 - 2500 µm) on FE or 0 - 80 mils (2000 µm) on NF

Data Features:

  • Fast data transmission via Bluetooth, WiFi and USB-C
  • Memory space for 10,000 or 25,000 readings


The MMS gauges are applicable for measurements on smooth or rough surfaces.

*Dual probe for reliable measurements on all relevant substrates: ISO/FE, NF/FE, ISO/NF

FE- Steel, iron, cast iron base materials (FE)
  • Zinc, chromium, copper, paint, varnish or plastic on steel, iron or cast iron
NF - Non-ferrous metal base materials
  • Paint, varnish or plastic coatings on aluminum, copper or brass (NC/NF)
  • Anodized coatings on aluminum

Industry & Conditions:

  • Shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms, chemical plants etc...
  • Ideal for use under very harsh conditions from 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)

Purchasing Guide

  1. Select application:
    • FE: Measurements on ferrous base material (FE)
    • FE+NF: Measurements on both ferrous (FE) as well as non-ferrous metal base materials (NF)

  2. Select data / software capabilities:
    • Basic (start): Entry level gauge with small data memory for max. 10,000 measured values in one batch and USB interface for data transfer.

    • Enhanced: Gauge with large data memory for 250,000 measured values in 2500 batches, USB interface for data transfer and 4 batch templates for quick and easy creation of measurement task files (batches). Individual upgrades are possible for this device model, see following section.

    • High: High-end gauge with large data memory for 250,000 measured values in 2500 batches, USB interface, Bluetooth and WiFi for data transfer as well as a total of 9 batch templates for easy and fast creation of measurement task file batches. There are 5 batch templates with pre-configurations especially for coating thickness measurement in the corrosion protection area, e.g. according to measuring regulation SSPC PA2.

  3. Select Batch Template Package:
    • Basics: Batch templates for coating thickness measurement.
    • Basics + Corrosion: Templates with especially designed measurement tasks for measurements of corrosion-protective coatings.

  4. Select PC Interface:
    • USB
    • USB + BT + WiFi


Model Type Interface Memory Capacity PN
MMS-DFT-FE-S FE USB 10,000 values in 1 batch CT-FT-606-026
MMS-DFT-FE+NF-S FE+NF USB 10,000 values in 1 batch CT-FT-606-029
MMS-DFT-FE-E FE USB 250,000 values in 2,500 batches CT-FT-606-027
MMS-DFT-FE+NF-E FE+NF USB 250,000 values in 2,500 batches CT-FT-606-030
MMS-DFT-FE-H FE USB + BT + WiFi 250,000 values in 2,500 batches CT-FT-606-028
MMS-DFT-FE+NF-H FE+NF USB + BT + WiFi 250,000 values in 2,500 batches CT-FT-606-031

*See attached brochure for complete product details.

Scope of delivery:
Gauge, lanyard, 2 batteries, USB cable type C to type A (39.4" (1 m)), guideline, calibration set suitable to gauge type, Manufacturer's certificate.

Calibration set for Gauge Type FE
Test plate NF/FE (603-477) and 3 calibration foils (ca. 25 µm / 0.98 mils (505-953), 75 µm / 2.95 mils (505-955) and 540 µm / 21.26 mils (505-965)).

Calibration set for Gauge Type FE+NF
(Test plates NF/FE (603-477) and ISO/NF (603-478) as well as 3 calibration foils (25 µm / 0.98 mils (505-953), 75 µm / 2.95 mils (505-955) and 540 µm / 21.26 mils (505-965)).

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Part #
Product Name Part # Price Qty
MMS Inspection DFT FE Start w/ USB CT-FT-606-026 $625.00
MMS Inspection DFT FE Enhanced w/ USB CT-FT-606-027 $895.00
MMS Inspection DFT FE High w/ USB, BT, WIFI CT-FT-606-028 $995.00
MMS Inspection DFT FE+NF Start w/ USB CT-FT-606-029 $975.00
MMS Inspection DFT FE-NF Enhanced w/ USB CT-FT-606-030 $1,295.00
MMS Inspection DFT FE+NF High w/ USB, BT, WiFi CT-FT-606-031 $1,375.00