EWM Degauss 600

EWM Degauss 600

Reliable welding process with no magnetic deflection of the arc

Arc deflection caused by magnetism is a thing of the past.

Save money and improve quality with the EWM 600 Degauss degaussing machine. The Degauss 600 eliminates magnetic deflection of the arc, allowing you to conserve resources, increase quality through high-quality welding results, minimize finishing work and reduce material and gas consumption. 

Magnetism is undesirable wherever steel is being welded. Residual magnetism in a component results in an unstable and deflected arc. The effect may be so great that welding is impossible. With the elimination of magnetic deflection of the arc, the Degauss 600 helps produce outstanding welding results such as a stable arc, even droplet detachment and good sidewall fusion.




  • No detection of the arc by residual magnetism in the workpiece
  • Prevention of lack of fusion due to insufficient sidewall fusion
  • Minimize residual magnetism in finished work
  • Degaussing of pipes and metal sheets
  • Automatic degaussing
  • Dependable degaussing for better welding results through a stable welding process without magnetic deflection
  • Portable and robust
  • Quick connection at the pipe by means of three load cables
  • Comes with a remote control (RT DGS1)
  • Use at -4°F to 104°F (-25°C to 40°C) with mains voltage tolerances of ±20%

The EWM Degauss 600 degaussing a section of pipe

The EWM Degauss 600 degaussing a section of steel


Included Accessories

  • Remote control with a polarity reversing switch and start/stop function for Degauss 600.
  • Remote control activates an additional function - generation of an opposing magnetic field during the welding process.
  • Infinitely adjustable current (0% - 100%) to produce the required opposing magnetic field directly at the welding site.
  • Set of cables: 2 - 6.4' (5m) load cables (35mm2), 1 - 65.6' (20m) load cable (35mm2)



Technical Specifications

EWM Degauss 600 Specifications

Mains Voltage (Tolerances): 300 - 480 VAC, 3 Phase
Mains Fuses (Slow-Blow): 3 / 16 A
Open Circuit Voltage: 41 V
Setting Range for Welding Current: 600 A
Cos φ: 0.99
Efficiency: 90%
Dimensions: 24" x 8.2" x 16.6" (600 x 205 x 415mm)
Weight: 52.7 lbs. (23.5 kg)

Kit Includes

EWM Degauss 600 Instrument Kit

  • Degauss 600 degaussing machine
  • Two 5-meter, 35mm2 load cables
  • One 20-meter, 35mm2 load cable
  • RT DGS1 remote control
  • One 5m connection cable.
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EWM Degauss 600 Degauser Set includes: 2 - 35mm load cables, 26.2 ft. (8 meters), 1 - 35mm load cable, 65.6 ft. (20 meters), 1 remote control with connection cable, 26.2 ft. (8 meters), 1 year warranty & Manual in English or German DE-MM-T-20500 $18,810.00
EWM Degauss 600 - Bi-Weekly Rental (minimum) DE-EWM-600-R1 $3,000.00