EloWheel RPT17 Wheel Rim Inspection System

EloWheel RPT17 Wheel Rim Inspection System


Rohmann's new RPT17 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System is developed and manufactured in Germany. The system is the successor of the RPT16 - which is fabricated in the US and still placed on the market - and provides numerous innovations. Using a modern eddy current testing instrument, the surface as well as the volume of the wheel rims is inspected by both, a high frequency and a low frequency probe simultaneously. The rapidity of the inspection, the sensitivity of the defect search, the resolution and the reliability as well as the flexibility in the adaptation to different requirements are the key benefits of the inspection system. By using a dual probe, the new ELOWHEEL 800 RPT17 makes it possible to inspect aircraft wheel rims (up to a diameter of 800 mm) for the detection of cracks on the surface and also defects inside the material at the same time. The user-friendly interface is integrated into the tried and tested ELOWHEEL evaluation software and its arrangement is perfect for inspecting wheel rim halves quickly and safely for different types of defects.




  • Compact & universal
    • The structure of the system is space-saving and the system can be integrated directly into a roller table. The rollers arranged around the rotary unit make it easy to load and unload the rims. All operating units and safety devices are easily accessible and ensure the easy operation of the system.
  • Accessible & clear
    • Once the lateral stainless steel casings have been removed, the areas for the maintenance and inspection of the system components are easily accessible. The high-quality linear axles have a permanent lubrication. The documentation includes a maintenance plan for the entire system. The maintenance unit for the pneumatic system and the operating units are clearly arranged directly on the system. The set pressure ranges can be quickly checked through an observation window.
  • Robust & flexible
    • The structure of the system is based on a stable welded steel construction that makes a vibration-free and continuous operation of the rim inspection system possible. The switch cabinet is connected with the components of the system via high-quality connectors. This enables the customer to reposition the switch cabinet at a later time.
  • Innovative & safe
    • A compensation unit is used during the rotation of the rim halves, in order to counteract any mechanical strain. During the clamping process, this unit is pneumatically secured so that the rim half can be centered on the rotary table. When a safe clamping pressure is reached, the unit is released for rotation. The querying of the clamping height acts as an additional verification to ensure that the selected set of parameters matches the clamped rim half.

Scope of Inspection

Inspection for the detection of surface cracks (HF inspection)

  • Sliding differential sensor
  • Inspected area up to end of the bead seat radius
  • Reference flaw: depth 0.76 mm x length 1.52 mm x width 0.1 mm; EDM, tangentially and axially oriented

Inspection for the detection of hidden defects (LF inspection)

  • Sliding absolute sensor
  • Inspected area up to the beginning of the bead seat radius
  • Reference flaw: approx. 30 % damage to the wall from inside (depending on the structure)


The entire system is operated via a 24 inch touch screen with our EloWheel software. The software provides known functions such as:

  • Quick and easy creation of new wheel rim parameter sets
  • Parameterization of the PL600 inspection instrument
  • Recording of the inspection as a C-Scan and a waterfall chart
  • Simultaneous recording of two inspections with the dual probe (HF/LF)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the inspection
  • Logging and archiving of the results

Technical Specifications

EloWheel Specifications

Operation Temperature 10-40 C
Operation Humidity 80%
Electrical Connection 400V AC, 16 A (Separate N and GND)
Compressed Air 6 bar minimum, clean and dry
Space Requirements (LxWxH) 1780 x 1425 x 2980 mm
Rim Halves Diameter: 800 mm max
Height: 500 mm max
Weight: 250 kg max
Parameter Sets 3 min max
Inspection Cycles of Rim Halves 2 min max
RPM 120 max

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