Dynamic/Rebound Accessories

Dynamic/Rebound Accessories

Probes & Calibration Blocks

Impact Device Descriptions:

D Probe - up to 68 HRC
This is the standard unit for the majority of hardness measurements with a wide measuring range. Impact bodies tend to wear out at the high end of the hardness range.

DC Probe - up to 68 HRC
This probe is short and convenient in small places - requires a loading stick.

DL Probe - up to 68 HRC
This probe as a more slim front section (Ø 4 x 50 mm), that is used in confined surfaces such as gear wheels.

D+15 Probe - up to 68 HRC
This probe has a slim front section (elongated impact body, coil position 15 mm elevated) and is used for measuring grooves or recessed surfaces.

C Probe - up to 70 HRC
The C Probe is used on surface hardened, coated thin wall components.
This probe reduced impact energy (≈1/4 of the D Probe Unit).

Impact Device G - to 646 HB
The G Probe is used on heavy, rough, cast and forged work pieces.
This probe has increased impact energy (≈9 x of the D Probe Unit).



Rugged Rubber Case

Protective hard case designed for the DLH-100 / DLH-500, equipped with a kickstand for easy portability

Note: Below prices include current U.S. Duties & Import Costs*.

*subject to change

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Probe Type D HT-SY-PROBE-D $225.00
Probe Type DC HT-SY-PROBE-DC $275.00
Probe Type DL HT-SY-PROBE-DL $775.00
Probe Type C HT-SY-PROBE-C $225.00
Probe Type D+15 HT-SY-PROBE-D+15 $225.00
Probe Type G HT-SY-PROBE-G $775.00
HLD Test Block (750-830 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-750830 $150.00
HLD Test Block (590-670 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-590670 $150.00
HLD Test Block (490-570 HLD) HT-SY-HLD-490570 $150.00
HLG Test Block (550-630 HLG) HT-SY-HLG-550630 $250.00
HLG Test Block (460-540 HLG) HT-SY-HLG-460540 $250.00
Replacement Probe Cable for MH-180, DLH-100 and DLH-500 HT-SY-CABLE $45.00
Support Rings - 12 Pieces / Set HT-SY-SUPPORT $325.00
Wireless Printer HT-SY-PRINTER $325.00
Equotip Replacement Cable HT-NDTS-EQTCBL $90.00
Rugged Rubber Case with Kickstand (DLH-100 / DLH-500) HT-SY-Case $175.00