Diverse Technologies MF300Fe+

Diverse Technologies MF300Fe+

Diverse Technologies : MF300Fe+

The MF300Fe+ is the latest instrument from Diverse Technologies. The MF300Fe+ measures the Ferrite number (FN) of austenitic and duplex stainless steel weld material. The robust, slimline probe benefits from a novel magnetic system with excellent coupling to a measurement sample, that is sensitive to ferrite content in 10mm area to a depth of approximately 1mm. An air cooled version of the probe (must be specified at time of order) allows Ferrite measurements on hot samples as well.

The MF300Fe+ can store up to 1000 measurements including record number (0 - 999), measured ferrite number and recorded ID (4 characters, 0-9, A-Z and space). You can download or upload these measuremetns to a PC via RS232 or USB (optional).

The instrument is calibrated used the secondary weld standard validated by NIST in the USA. All 16 standards are used in calibration with a measurement range from 0 - 115 FN. Transfer standards are supplied with the instrument allowing performance to be verified at any time.

Features of MF300Fe+ Ferrite Meter:

  • Non-destructive test of the ferrite content in a range of 0.1 to 115FN equivalent to 0.1 to 80.5% Fe in austenitic and duplex steel.
  • Robust and portable
  • Standard or Peak measurement of Ferrite Number
  • Estimate of ferrite percentage displayed (70% of FN)
  • Automatic zero on demand
  • Supplied with 5 transfer standards, allowing veracity of instrument to be checked
  • Storage of 1000 measurements downloadable to PC with RS232/USB option
  • Serial software updated to include partial database download and upload of recorded IDs to the instrument.
  • Record structure now includes a user selectable identifier (ID), this is a 4 character ID where each character can be 0 - 9, Space or A - Z.
  • Next record can be selected by the user if needed (recorded ID of the next record is automatically displayed on the screen)
  • Use with high temperature samples (air-cooled probe option)
  • Simple measurement with small sample area
  • Units selectable between WRC-FN and %Fe
  • Calibraton to weld standards validated by NIST and TWI according to methods described in DIN EN ISO 8249 and ANSI/AWS A4.2.
  • Supplied with carrying case and full user manual.

MF300Fe+ Kit Includes:

  • MF300Fe+ Ferrite Meter and Probe
  • 5 Transfer Standards
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Case

Optional Accessories:

  • Air cooled probe
  • Serial / USB cable and software


    Units Ferrite Number FN
    Ferrite Percentage F%
    Range 0 - 115 FN
    0 - 80.5% (percent ferrite)
    Resolution 0.1 FN
    0.1 F%
    Standard Accuracy (50°F - 86°F / 10°C - 30°C)
    FN 0 - 10
    FN 10 - 30
    FN 30 - 100

    ±0.5 FN
    ±5% of the reading
    ±10% of the reading
    Air cooled: Accuracy (86°F - 572°F / 30°C - 300°C)
    FN 0 - 10
    FN 10 - 30
    FN 30 - 100

    ±1 FN
    ±10% of the reading
    ±20% of the reading
    Calibration Factory calibration to NIST standards
    User calibration to supplied transfer standards
    Transfer Standards Five transfer standards
    Range typically from 3 FN to 115 FN
    Zero Automatic on demand
    Mode Average or Peak
    Storage 1000 records with 4 character record ID (characters available 0 - 9, A - Z and space)
    PC Download or Upload Optional RS232 and USB
    Functions include download of record or part or entire database and upload of recorded IDs
    Probe Pencil style, 15mm diameter length 120mm
    Sensing Area 10mm diameter
    Operating Temperature Standard 32°F - 104°F / 0°C - 40°C
    Air cooled 32°F - 572°F / 0°C - 300°C
    Air cooled Operation Air line supply regulated to 1 bar maximum
    Oil filtered supply desirable
    Air temperature: ambient (50°F - 86°F / 10°C - 30°C)
    Humidity Non-condensing
    Weight in case 2.75 lbs. / 1.25 kg.
    Case Dimension 8.26" x 3.9" x 1.7" / 210 x 100 x 45mm

    Product Literature

    Description Part # Saved Price Add to
    MF300Fe+ P46, hand held ferrite meter with 1000 records, 4mm x 6mm probe, 5 transfer calibration standards and carry case FM-DT-MF300FE+P46 $5,195.00
    MF300Fe+ P10, hand held ferrite meter with 1000 records,10mm diameter probe, 5 transfer calibration standards and carry case FM-DT-MF300FE+P10 $4,495.00
    MF300Fe+ P10AC, hand held ferrite meter with 1000 records, 10mm diameter air cooled probe, 5 transfer calibration standards and carry case FM-DT-MF300FE+P10AC $5,495.00
    Software with USB/RS232 Cable FM-DT-MF300F-S $315.00
    MF300+ser, serial option (RS232 and USB) compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10 FM-DT-MF300FE+S $295.00