Diverse Technologies DKPW Demag Kit for Welders

Diverse Technologies DKPW Demag Kit for Welders

Pipe and Plate Demagnetization

The DKPW kit is everything needed to overcome magnetic arc blow in one robust and easy to use package. At its heart is the world leading Zeromag machine, which measures and neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. At 25 kg, this is a portable machine that can be carried by one person from site to site or where it is needed. Zeromag ZM100A, working with up to 100m of demagnetizing cable, can provide the necessary reverse magnetic field for most pipe welding scenarios. With the optional ZeroZone accessory, specifically built for plate applications, plate welds can be demagnetized more efficiently than lay on coils and is easier to deploy.




  • Simple manual magnetic field nulling control
  • Fast 2 button automatic mode, start and stop
  • Built in gaussmeter
  • Rugged air cooled stainless steel probe
  • Power output of 1.5KW and can be used with any ac supply from 90V to 265V
  • Can balance up to 1000G in steel components allowing welding to proceed without problem
  • Can be used in sub sea welding chambers to 15m
  • Has its own cooling and does not require any other services
  • 50m demagnetizing cable and 50m extension for demagnetizing cable
  • Options for bobbins for specific pipe size
  • Options for clam coils for specific pipe size
  • Supplied in strong aluminum 4U case
  • Calibration to NPL traceable standard
  • Supplied with a protective shipping and storage cases

Plate Weld Demag Application

ZeroZone Optional Accessory

For high fields, the most efficient way to null the magnetic field is to use ZeroZone. Pre-wound with 40 turns and provides a magnetic bridge across the weld prep to allow control of the magnetism. In operation, ZeroZone is placed across the weld prep. The arms and pole pieces are adjusted so that the active area of the pole pieces are in close contact with both sides of the work piece. ZeroZone is then connected back to Zeromag and the system used as normal. ZeroZone is particularly effective with Zeromag operated in automatic or manual nulling modes. Rapidly deployed and simple to operate. 

Technical Specifications

DKPW Performance Specifications

Magnetic Field Reduction Typically reduced 20x for most weld scenarios magnetic field reduced to <10 Gauss
Maximum Static Field that can be Nulled 1800 Gauss (depends on pipe material and geometry)
Range of Pipe Sizes For circumferential winding any diameter up to 2m. For lay on coils coils no restriction including plate
Minimum Size of Weld Prep 5mm operating, 2mm at setup
Magnetic Field Nulling Time 3 seconds typical
Space from Weld Line to Demag Cables 0.5m typical
Weld Passes Always use on root pass - check field levels for additional passes
Materials All ferritic steels, bonded lined pipes with stainless steel or inconel, high nickel or chrome steels
Material or Wall Thickness Unlimited - but thick material requires longer to get good nulling field penetration
Welding Types TIG, MIG, (GMAW), stick, FCAW
Auto Welders/Bots/Robot Welders Deploy probe on the weld head
Preheat Temperature to 85C. Above this insulating blankets required for the demagnetizing cables (available from Diverse)
Environmental Temperature -20 C to 50 C
For arctic operations there is a case heating option.
Humidity 0-90% non condensing
Not water proof so do not operate or store in a wet
Sub Sea The equipment is not hyperbaric - operation in sub sea dry environments to a maximum depth of 50 feet
Support Call/email Diverse for support for use of DKPW for different weld scenarios
Training One day of training application and hands on training available
DKPW System Component Specifications

Zeromag ZM100A
Magnetic Field Reduction Typically reduced 20x for most weld scenarios magnetic field reduced to <10 Gauss
Gaussmeter Measurement Range 0 to +/-1800 Gauss
Resolution 1 Gauss
Magnetic Probe Size 5mm x 20mm x 100mm long. Encased in stainless steel
Current Output Range 0 to +/-100 Amps max
Output Voltage Range 0V to 15V
Magnetic Field Nulling Time 3 seconds typical
Manual Control -100A to +100A continuously variable with 10 turn control
Auto Control Auto-tracking and nulling of magnetic field
Line Power Line voltage range 90V - 265V ac 48 - 62Hz Power 1.8kVA
Operating Temperature -20C to 50C
Storage Temperature -40C to 85C
Humidity 0 - 90%, non-condensing
Weight 26kg
Dimensions (WxLxH) 520 x 220 x 550mm
Storage Dimensions WxLxH 62 x 26 x 63, weight 35kg
WxLxH 62 x 26 x 53, weight 28kg
Calibration Calibrated by Diverse to NPL traceable standard
Housing Built into a carrying case to enable it to be used on site; 19” portable rack, 4U
Demagnetizing Cable 50m + 50m. Options: bobbins and clam coils
EMC CE approved for emissions and immunity standards
Warranty 12 months
Magmeter MF300H+
Manual Ranges 0-19990 gauss in 3 ranges
Auto Range Automatically adjusts range with field
Measurement Modes Average, absolute peak, bipolar peak, true RMS
Probe Size 2.2mm x 6.5mm 100mm long
Probe Cable Length 1.5m typical
Power 4 standard AA cells , typical lifetime 12 months. Continuous use 30 hours
Instrument Size 165 x 100 x 50mm
Weight in Case 1.1kg
Environmental -20 to 50C operating, -20 to 80C storage
Humidity 0-90% non condensing
Warranty 12 months
ZeroZone Specifications

Turns 20 turns deployed on each arm
Operating Misalignment Allowance Side arms and pole pieces adjustable allowing compensation for misaligned weld components
Range of Pipe/Plate Sizes Supplied with 2 pairs of pole pieces for plate (flat and corner) and for 16” diameter pipe. Pole pieces can be supplied for user defined sizes
Deployment Usually one deployed across the weld prep and the seam is welded between the jaws. Ratchet belts supplied to secure ZeroZone to pipes.
Vertical Deployment Vertical mounting eyes on the assembly to allow hanging from post, crane or framework
Cables to Zeromag Supplied with extension cables to Zeromag
Weight 17kg
Size 30 x 26 x 17 cm plus cable
Operating Temperature Up to 85C. Extended temperature range as option
Extended Temperature Range Option for high temperature cable to 180C
Construction and Material Nickel plated steel with 120A connectors
Storage Supplied with wooden shipping and storage case
Working Current Up to 100A
Operational Storage It is important to keep the connector contacts clean.
Environmental Temperature -20C to 50C
Humidity 0-90% non condensing
Do not operate or store in a wet environment

Kit Includes

  • Zeromag ZM100A Demagnetizer
    • Light, fast and simple to use. Manual and automatic mode, 100% success record
  • Air Cooled Magnetic Probe
    • Embedded in stainless steel. Air cooling system allows the probe to be kept at ambient temperature without placing any thermal compromise on the welding operation
  • Heavy Duty 50m Demagnetizing Cable
  • Magmeter MF300H+ gaussmeter
    • Robust handheld device, features auto-ranging, a choice of measurement units and a robust carry case
  • Demagnetizing and probe extension cables
  • Storage and shipping cases
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