Diverse Zeromag ZM50 for Subsea Habitat

Diverse Zeromag ZM50 for Subsea Habitat


The Diverse Zeromag ZM50 is a demagnetising system for steel pipes and plates similar to the ZM100A, however the ZM50 is packaged in a splash proof container for deployment in subsea welding habitats. It is used to reduce the magnetic field levels in welding joint preparations to levels which are low enough to enable welding to proceed. It uses the same novel technology as the ZM100A and is fast (ready to weld in just a few seconds), deep penetrating (will handle easily 50mm thick wall size) and simple to use.  The ZM50 is housed in a stainless steel drum with a splash proof front panel seal. A ring handle allows the unit to be manipulated to the working site in the habitat. With Zeromag, you are in control – you can see the magnetic field level in the weld area, control Zeromag either manually or automatically and see the magnetism shrink to zero. You then know welding can progress unimpeded.


  • Portable low cost weld preparation demagnetism for subsea environments
  • 100% success rate
  • Cancels magnetism to prevent arc blow
  • Uses proprietary Diverse technology
  • Reduces or eliminates weld repairs caused by magnetic arc blow
  • Compact rugged construction
  • Can be used in conjunction with preheat
  • Rapidly deployed and simple to operate

Technical Specifications

ZM50 Specifications

Magnetic Field Reduction Typically reduced 20x for most weld scenarios magnetic field reduced to <10 Gauss
Gaussmeter Measurement Range 0 to +/- 1800 Gauss
Resolution 1 Gauss
Magnetic Probe Size 5mm x 20mm x 100mm long. Encased in stainless steel
Controls Auto/Manual Switch
2 push buttons to start and stop automatic mode
Manual adjustment control used for manual override
Gaussmeter null
Current Output Range 0 to +/- 50 Amps max
Option: 0 to +/- 100 Amps max
Output Voltage Range 0V to 18V
Magnetic Field Nulling Time 3 seconds typical
Manual Control -50A to +50A continuously variable with 10 turn control
Option: -100A to +100A
Auto Control Auto-tracking and nulling of magnetic field
Line Power Line voltage range 90V to 265V ac 48 to 62Hz Power 1.8kVA
Operating Temperature -20 C to 50 C
Storage Temperature -40 C to 85 C
Humidity 0-90%, non-condensing
Environmental Not water proof so do not operate or store in a wet environment
Weight 36kg
Dimensions (DiaxH) 370 x 580 mm
Storage Dimensions 50 x 50 x 75, weight 47kg
Calibration Calibrated by Diverse to NPL traceable standard
Housing Stainless steel construction outside. Inside assembly is stainless steel and painted aluminum. Unit has a welded circular handle to facilitate handling 
Demagnetizing Cable 50m + 50m. Options: bobbins and clam coils
EMC N/A ZM100A validated to CE and FCC standards for emissions and immunity
Warranty 12 months