GaussKO Bar & Tube Bundle Demagnetizer

GaussKO Bar & Tube Bundle Demagnetizer

Low Frequency for Thorough Demagnetization

Most demagnetizing systems are either AC or HWDC and FWDC; AC systems working at 50 or 60Hz don't demagnetize the center of a bundle. HWDC or FWDC are better than AC systems but aren't always consistent. With Gauss KO's low frequency demagnetizing system, you can eliminate the residual magnetism that, will still be present in the core of the bundle. Thanks to low frequency operation (0 to 30 Hz), you can deeply demagnetize your bundles. There are no restrictions on the size of the coil and can be installed in production lines. With the control panel, your operator will have complete control over the demagnetization process, setting all the relevant parameters for a correct degaussing. This degaussing system can be used without moving the pieces away from the tunnel, using the “demagnetizing ramp” or “decreasing intensity” functions. 



  • Low Frequency Sinusoidal Demagnetization - automatic demagnetizing of thick parts such as pipes, bars and bundles of bars, as well as below the surface by reducing skin effect.
  • Low to High Frequency Sinusoidal Demagnetization - automatic demagnetization, where a complete Demag is required with an additional optimization of the magnetization of the surface layer of the part.
  • Superimposition of a finely tuned DC magnetic field to compensate the magnetic field where the Demag process takes place.
  • Compensating DC Field allows for manual compensation of the magnetic field within the part when its not possible to demagnetize with an automatic cycle.

Standard Unit

The standard unit is comprised of a control panel and the demagnetizing tunnel. The machinery can work as a standalone unit, but you can integrate it in your production line. The operator handles the demagnetization parameters on the control panel. Using the touchscreen interface the operator can adjust and view in real-time the output intensity, frequency, set up decaying intensity steps for even better results, and setup and select the work cycles. The demagnetizing tunnel can be fit with rectangular or circular passage and is supplied with CE mark and instructions.

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