DeFelsko PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester

DeFelsko PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester

DeFelsko PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester

The PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other substrates. NEW features include a Revolutionary Self Alignment Feature and a Pull Rate Indicator. Conforms to National and International Standards including ASMT D4541/D7234, ISO 4624/1626-1, AS/NZS 1580.480.5 and others.

Available in 2 Models - Manual or Automatic

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    Product Literature

    Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
    DeFelsko PosiTest AT-M with 20mm Kit, Manual - 0-3000 psi (0-20 MPa) CT-DF-ATM20A-B $2,145.00
    DeFelsko PosiTest AT-A with 20mm Kit, Automatic - 0-3000 psi (0-20 MPa) CT-DF-ATA20A-B $2,875.00
    DeFelsko 50mm Stand-Off, Holesaw and Test Dollies (12) - 0 - 500 psi (0 - 3.5 MPa) CT-DF-AT50KIT $295.00
    DeFelsko Additional 20mm Dollies (10 Pack) CT-DF-DOLLY20 $35.00
    DeFelsko Additional 50mm Dollies (4 Pack) CT-DF-DOLLY50 $50.00
    DeFelsko Additional Adhesive, Mixing Sticks, Palettes, Cotton Swabs CT-DF-ATADHESIVEKIT $35.00
    DeFelsko Drilling Template for 50mm Dollies CT-DF-TMPLTAS $135.00