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Dakota Ultrasonics offers the largest selection of ultrasonic thickness gauges available. All Dakota thickness gauges are compact, easy-to-use, highly reliable and value priced. They are made in the USA and have the best warranty in the industry.

*Models are available with just the feature set you need.


Corrosion or General Purpose Gauges
use a "Dual" probe and can measure on rougher surfaces and eroded or corroded materials. These are Dakota's MX and newer CMX models.

Precision Gauges use a "Delay-Line" probe, which allows measuring thin materials with high accuracy but require smooth surfaces and parallel walls. These are Dakota's PX and PVX models.

In addition to thickness gauges, Dakota also offer:

♦  VX Velocity Gauge for sorting materials such as nodular (ductile) iron 
♦  Mini-Max Bolt Tension Monitor
♦  DFX Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors 

The following table summarizes the gauges offered by their features:

General Purpose & Corrosion Gauges
0-1st Echo, Dual Probe     MX-1, MX-2, MX-3, MX-5, MX-5DL 
+ Through Coating Capability (Echo-Echo)      MMX-6, MMX-6DL, CMX, CMX-DL
+ B-Scan     MMX-7, CMX, CMX-DL 
+ A-Scan      MVX, CMX-DL+, CMX-DL+Color 
Underwater     UMX-2 
Racing      PR-82, PR-8V 


 Precision Gauges  
E-E & 0-1st Echo H.F. Delay Line Probe      PX-7, PX-7DL 
+ A-Scan       PVX 


 Velocity / Nodularity  
 0-1st Echo, Dual Probe     VX