Dakota Ultrasonics Max II

Dakota Ultrasonics Max II

Dakota Ultrasonics Max II Bolt Tension Monitor

The Max II Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitor is the latest gauge addition to our bolting products. It incorporates all of the great features of the MiniMax unit with some added benefits in terms of features, hardware, speed and length. Max II very accurately measures fasteners up to 100 feet in length and sports our very best effort to date in terms of overall performance / power!


  • Measurement Quantities - Elongation, Load Stress, %Strain and Time (nanoseconds)
  • Sunlight readable color QVGA display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Measuring Modes: Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo, Echo-Echo-Verify (triple echo)
  • Auto Correlation: Optimizes transducer placement
  • Custom user calibration feature
  • 4GB internal SD & up to 64GB external SD slot memory
  • USB 1.1 connectivity
  • Analog, serial & alarm outputs
  • PC interface reporting software
  • Import & export files - between Max II and MiniMax
  • Li-Ion pack & 6 AA Batteries - emergency battery backup option
  • 2 year warranty

Physical Attributes:

  • Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2.04 kg) with batteries
  • Size: 8.5" x 6.5" x 2.5" (WxHxD) / 216 x 165 x 70 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F - 140°F / -10°C - 60°C)
  • Keyboard: Membrane switch with 21 tactile keys
  • Case: Extruded aluminum body with nickel plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed)
  • Display Views: RF (full wave view), ± Rectified (half wave view), Digits or split screen combination (wave plus large digits).
  • Environmental: Meets IP65 requirements


  • USB: Direct USB 1.1 PC connectivity
  • Power Connector: 12V @ 2amps, adapter 100-240VAC, .7 Amps, 50-60Hz 5 Pin Lemo (includes): RS232 PC serial interface. Alarm Outputs - Two independent alarm outputs triggered by the gates Analog Out - Proportional outputs (amplitude or distance), 0-10 volts.
  • Transducer Connectors: Two Lemo 00 connectors


  • Log Formats: Grid (Alpha Numeric)
  • Capacity: 4GB internal & up to 64 GB external SD slot
  • Screen Capture: Tagged interface file (.tif) capture for quick documentation
  • Custom Setups: 64 user configurations

Power Source:

  • Lithium Ion Pack: 10.8V, 2 amp hrs, typical operation 18hrs.
  • Battery Backup: Emergency battery backup. Six 1.5V alkaline, 1.2V AA Nicad cells, 1.2V AA NiMH or other equivalent power sources.
  • Battery Life (continuous use): Alkaline (12 hrs.), Nicad (5 hrs.) and NiMH (12 hrs.) with default settings.


  • Display: Blanview sunlight readable QVGA TFT color display (320 x 240 pixels). Viewable area: 4.54" x 3.40" (115.2 x 86.4 mm) or 5.7" (144.78 mm) diagonal. 16 bit color pallete, multiple color options and variable brightness.
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Timing: Precision TCXO timing with single shot 100MHz 8 bit ultra low power digitizer.
  • Pulser Types: Spike, Square Wave & Tone Burst. Pulser Voltage: 100 - 400V
  • Pulse Width: Selectable step options Spike, Thin, Wide, HV Spike, HV Thin, HV Wide. TB .5MHz, TB 1MHz, TB 20MHz, TB 5MHz, TB 10MHz. Spike 40 ns. Square Wave 80 to 400 ns, Tone Burst 50 ns to 1 nanosecond.
  • Gain: 0 to 110dB with 0.2dB resolution. Manual and AGC control.
  • Damping: 50, 75, 100, 300, 600 & 1500 ohms
  • Frequency Band: Broadband 1.8 - 19 MHz (-3dB) filter.
  • Horizontal Linearity: ± 0.4% FSW
  • Vertical Linearity: ± 1% FSH
  • Amplifier Linearity: ± 1dB
  • Amplitude Measurement: 0 to 100% FSH with 1% resolution
  • Delay: 0 - 999.999 in. (25,400 mm) at steel velocity
  • Measurement Gates: Three independent gates depending on measurement mode selected with audible and visual alarms. Amplitude: 5-95%, 1% steps.


  • Units: English (in), Metric (mm) or Time (µs)
  • Velocity: 0.0492 to .5510 in/µs (1250-13995 m/s)
  • Measurement Modes: Pulse-Echo (P-E), Echo-Echo (E-E) or Echo-Echo-Echo (E-EV)
  • Measurement Range: 1 to 999.999 in. (2540 cm) in pulse-echo (P-E) measurement mode. Range will vary using multi-echo modes - dependent on material type and consistency.
  • Detection: Zero Crossing
  • Resolution: ± 0.00001" (0.0001 mm)
  • Calibration: Automatic, Fixed, Single or Two-Point zero calibration options.
  • Quantities: Time - Nanosecond Elongation - Change in length (in. / mm). Load - Force load applied (pounds KIP or megapascals MPa). Stress - Force for unit area stress applied (inches per inch or millimeters per millimeter). %Strain - Ratio of elongation to effective length.
  • Bolt Materials: Select types from a preset or custom list.


  • Transducer Types: Single element - 1 MHz to 10 MHz frequencies and 1/8" to 1" diameters. Magnetic and non-magnetic options available.
  • Glue On: Available for short bolts with minimal / short elongations to eliminate transducer placement errors.
  • Connectors: Microdot, Lemo 00 or BNC options depending on the transducer model selected.
  • Custom Transducers: Available for special applications.


  • Setups: 64 custom user defined setups. Factory setups can also be edited by the user.
  • Auto Set: Automates the detection, scope and display setting process for each individual bolt.
  • Gates: Three measurement gates, depending on measurement mode used with adjustable start and threshold.
  • Alarm Limits: Adjustable Hi/Lo tolerances with visual LEDs and audible beeper. Hardware alarm outputs (accessory cable required)
  • Field Calibration: Vector or Regression correction curve for increased accuracy using Load & Stress.

Max II Includes: Unit, 3AA Batteries, 4 oz. Bottle of Couplant, RS232 Transfer Cable Lemo to DB9, USB converter cable to DB9, 10' Lemo to Microdot Transducer Cable, PC Utility Software, Carrying Case, Operation Manual and Certification.

Note: Temperature Connector - Included only with the purchase of a temperature sensor (A-156-8001)

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Max II UT Bolting Gauge Includes: Unit, 3 AA Batteries, 4 oz. Bottle of Couplant, RS232 Transfer Cable Lemo to DB9, USB converter cable to DB9, Carrying Case, 10' Lemo to Microdot Transducer cable, PC Utility Software, Operation Manual and Certificat UT-DU-Z-197-0001 $4,850.00
Magnetic Single Element Transducer, 5 MHz, 1/4", Microdot, Top Mounted, T-702-2405 UT-DU-T-702-2405 $765.00
Dakota Ultrasonics Contact Transducer, 1/2" Diameter, 2.25 MHz, Top Entry and Microdot Connector, T-5043-1855 UT-DU-T-5043-1855 $320.00
Temperature Probe UT-DU-A-156-8001 $525.00
3" & 6" Steel Calibration Bars UT-DU-X-000-0010 $575.00