ACS A1040 Mira 3D Pro Ultrasonic Tomograph

ACS A1040 Mira 3D Pro Ultrasonic Tomograph

High-End Ultimate Ultrasonic Tomograph for Quality Assessment of Concrete Structures

The Ultimate Concrete Tester

The A1040 Mira 3D Pro provides unbeatable inspection range, flaw detectability and imaging resolution of concrete structures due to its novel 64 A-DPC sensor technology.

True3D Tomography - three-dimensional FMC / TFM in each instrument position in real time

A-DPC Transducers - unbeatable penetration depth & sensitivity by the novel low-noise sensor technology

Open-Crack Sizing – unique function for quantitative crack assessment

Extendable Aperture – arbitrary aperture configuration by two and more array units for extremely deep penetration applications.

Variable Operation Frequency – within specified frequency range 10 - 100 KHz

Introview Pro – Desktop or Laptop software for remote unit control and 3D visualization & analysis of Big Dat






  • Real-time 3D Imaging
  • Data acquisition in three-dimensional Full-Matrix-Capture mode
  • GPU based image reconstruction by 3D Total Focusing Method
  • Active Dry-Point-Contact (A-DPC) transducers with integrated pulser received circuit and parallel DAQ
  • Deep penetration mode with enhanced transmitter burst energy
  • Versatile 2D & 3D imaging modes by Introview Pro software
  • Remote unit control via Tablet-PC or Laptop for stand-alone applications
  • Application software for Android & Windows in standard delivery set


The A1040 Mira 3D Pro ultrasonic tomograph is the most advanced system for ultrasonic testing of highly scattering materials, such as concrete, reinforced concrete, stones, rock, composites, ceramics, wood, epoxy and refractory materials. The following are just some of the application fields for the A1040 Mira 3D Pro:

  • Localization of reinforcement rebars and other elements (tendon ducts, anchors, hollow pipes, cables, hollow pipes), also beyond of rebar layers
  • Detection of material voids, estimation of their position and size in 3D: cavities, inclusions, honeycombs, cracks
  • Thickness measurement by one-side access
  • Detection of grouting defects in tendon ducts and grouting couplers
  • Assessment of fireproof stones


Introview Concrete Software

Introview Concrete software is a tool for visualization and analysis of two and three-dimensional datasets. Apart from analysis of concrete measurement data the software can be applied in other applications such as non-destructive metal testing, medical imaging, homeland security, seismology and many others. Service engineers, researchers and scholars can benefit from the usage of this software tool. Among others, Introview offers you the following built-in features:

  • 3D volume view
  • Cut planes
  • Texture mapping
  • Ray casting
  • Maximum intensity projection
  • Isosurface
  • BDC projections
  • Amplification and threshold

Additional Info

Technical Specifications

A1040 Mira 3D Pro Specifications

Instrument Type Multi-channel ultrasonic pulse echo tomograph with built-in matrix transducer array
Configuration of a Single A-DPC Transducer Array (Extendable) 4 x 16, 8 x 8
Number of Parallel DAQ Channels 64
Ultrasonic Transducers Type Active dry point contact (A-DPC®) transducers with ceramic wear proof tips and integrated pulser-receiver electronics
Bandwidth Frequency 10 to 100 kHz
Penetration Depth up to 10 ft. (3 m), depends on material
Material Sound Velocity Range from 40 to 157 inches/s (1 to 4 m/s)
Dimensions (Without Handles) 15.8" x 4.9" x 3.9" (400 x 125 x 100 mm)
Total Weight 12.3 lbs. (5.6 kg)
Maximal Square Coverage 33 x 33 ft2 (10 x 10 m2)
Frame Repetition Rate

2D Imaging: 12 Hz

3D Imaging: 0.3 Hz

One Battery Charge Operating Time 10 hours
Air Temperature Range 14 to 122 °F (-10 to 50 °C)
Relative Max Air Humidity at 95 F 95%
Average Minimum Service Life 5

Kit Includes

  • A1040 Mira 3D Pro Unit with Two 32 A-DPC Transducers
  • Tablet PC with Protective Case
  • Reference Block for Regular Functional Tests
  • 12 Exchangeable Li-Ion Batteries 18650
  • 2 Type C Power Supplies and USB Data Cables
  • Introview Pro Software with 12 Months Update and Support Service
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Operating Manual
  • 2 Screwdrivers for Battery Exchange
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ACS A1040 Mira 3D Pro Ultrasonic Tomograph Concrete Tester, Includes Unit with 64 A-DPC Transducers, Tablet PC w/ Case, Reference Block, 12 Exchangeable Batteries, 2 Power Supply/USB, Introview Pro Software, Hard Case, Warranty Certificate and Manual CT-ACS-A1040-MIRA-3D-PRO Request Pricing