CISAM ERNST Computest and Dynatest Digital Testers

CISAM ERNST Computest and Dynatest Digital Testers

Computest and Dynatest Digital Portable Rockwell Tester Models

These two models of portable Rockwell hardness testers use a Rockwell-type test method (preload, full load and depth measurement back at the preload), to create a digital Rockwell test readout of Rockwell hardness in HRC, HRB and other Rockwell scales.


  • Quick press and read operation
  • Readout in many scales
  • Simple (one motion), quick (two seconds - Computest), easy (anyone can test) and accurate (only requiring minutes of training)
  • Used worldwide by thousands of companies over multiple generations of the equipment (Computest)
  • Meets ASTM B724 (Computest)
  • Sophisticated Electronics

computest image computest and dynatest image dynatest image
The Computest can also be used in a
small test stand for hardness testing
of very small parts with advantages
over a standard Rockwell due to the
small identation.
An important feature for a portable
hardeness testers is sideways and
upside down hardness testing.
Either tester can be used in any
The Dynatest is a complete Rockwell
tester packed into a portable. It applies
the Rockwell technique of preload,
full load and measure back at preload,
all in an instant.

The Computest portable hardness tester uses a light load applied in a Rockwell style by the operator to the top of the tester in one smooth motion. It must be used on smooth, machine finished metals, due to the small indentation. It can aslo be used on very thin metals for the same reason - thinner than the lightest superficial hardness tester. When used with the test stand, parts are clamped in place in the stand during the test and the very small indentation can test nearer the edge than a standard Rockwell.

The Dynatest portable Rockwell tester uses a heavy load in the Regular Rockwell method range, which is applied at high speed after cocking the tester and being triggered by the user. This tester is very useful for testing in the field, especially on applications that other portable testers are unable to do like railroad tracks, where the heavier load provides a more accurate and repeatable test result on uneven test surfaces.

Both testers have advanced digital capabilites for storing test results for later printout, scales conversions, etc.

computest and dynatest image

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