Fischer Technologies PHASCOPE PMP10

Fischer Technologies PHASCOPE PMP10

Fischer Technologies PHASCOPE PMP10
Hand-held instrument for measuring coating thickness on PC Boards
and electroplating surfaces

fischer-Phascope-PMP10 with probes

The hand-held PHASCOPE PMP10 is ideally suited for quality control in the electroplating and printed circuit board (PCB) industries. The instrument employs the phase-sensitive eddy current method, allowing it to measure metal coatings on any substrate. A specially designed probe even enables measurement in PCB through-holes.


  • Robust handheld instrument for testing directly onsite
  • Precise coating thickness measurement of nickel, zinc or copper on steel, even with rough surfaces, by means of phase-sensitive measurement techniques.
  • Extensive evaluation and statistics functions
  • Outlier control and tolerance monitoring options
  • Subsequent processing of measured values is easy with Fischer Data-Center software
  • Various languages to choose from
  • Battery and / or continuous operation via plug-in charger (included)
  • Storage of up to 20,000 readings
  • Data transfer via RS232 interface


Using specialized probes optimized for specific measurement tasks, the PHASCOPE PMP10 is particularly suitable for the following:

  • Measuring coating thickness of nickel on steel
  • Measuring zinc or copper on steel – despite rough surfaces and complex surface geometries
  • Measuring the thickness of non-ferrous metals on non-ferrous metals, given sufficient difference in conductivity, e.g. copper on brass or bronze.
  • Measuring the thickness of non-ferrous metals on insulating substrates, such as copper layers on circuit boards.


Probe Style Model # Measurement Range Applications
phascope-pmp10-probe ESL080B 5 - 100 µm Measuring copper thickness in PCB through-holes with diameter range 0.8 -2.0mm.
phascope-pmp10-probe ESL080V 5 - 80 µm Measuring copper thickness in PCB through-holes, especially thick PC Boards.
phascope-pmp10-probe ESD20Cu 1 - 270 µm Measuring copper thickness on PC Boards.
phascope-pmp10-probe ESD20Zn

1 - 200 µm (Cu/Fe)

2 - 200 µm (Zn/Fe)

Measuring NF coatings on magnetic substrates e.g. zinc/iron or copper/iron

Irrespective of rough surfaces or protective lacquers.

NF coatings with high electrical conductivity on NF substrates with low conductivity, e.g. copper/brass

phascope-pmp10-probe ESD20Ni

2 -100 µm Ni/Fe
(60 kHz)

1 - 50 µm Ni/Fe
(240 kHz)

Measuring Nickel layers on iron or ferromagnetic steel.

Irrespective of rough surfaces or protective lacquers.

phascope-pmp10-probe ESD2.4 1 - 150 µm

Measuring NF coatings on magnetic substrates, zinc/iron or copper/iron.

Irrespective of rough surfaces or protective lacquers. Well suited for small parts due to small sensor.


phascope-pmp-electroplating phascope-pmp10-electroplating


Fischer Data-Center Software
Indispensable for the quick and easy transfer of data from the PHASCOPE PMP10 to a computer, Fischer Data-Center software is a powerful tool that also offers extensive graphic display and statistical analysis functions for quality control: statistical process control charts, cumulative frequency diagrams and Fischer's own FDD® (factory diagnosis diagram). The built-in report editor enables measurement data to be conveniently processed, archived and printed out as individual inspection reports.

Standard PHASCOPE PMP with Accessory Kit Includes:

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case
  • Fischer Data-Center Software

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