PosiTest AT - Adhesion Tester

PosiTest AT - Adhesion Tester

DeFelsko PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester

The PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other substrates. NEW features include a Revolutionary Self Alignment Feature and a Pull Rate Indicator. Conforms to National and International Standards including ASMT D4541/D7234, ISO 4624/1626-1, AS/NZS 1580.480.5 and others.

Available in 2 Models - Manual or Automatic

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    Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
    DeFelsko PosiTest AT-M with 20mm Kit, Manual - 0-3000 psi (0-20 MPa) CT-DF-ATM20A-B $2,195.00
    DeFelsko PosiTest AT-A with 20mm Kit, Automatic - 0-3000 psi (0-20 MPa) CT-DF-ATA20A-B $2,935.00
    DeFelsko 50mm Stand-Off, Holesaw and Test Dollies (12) - 0 - 500 psi (0 - 3.5 MPa) CT-DF-AT50KIT $300.00
    DeFelsko Additional 20mm Dollies (10 Pack) CT-DF-DOLLY20 $35.00
    DeFelsko Additional 50mm Dollies (4 Pack) CT-DF-DOLLY50 $50.00
    DeFelsko Additional Adhesive, Mixing Sticks, Palettes, Cotton Swabs CT-DF-ATADHESIVEKIT $35.00
    DeFelsko Drilling Template for 50mm Dollies CT-DF-TMPLTAS $135.00