Clark Hardness Testers CPT

Clark Hardness Testers CPT

Clark CPT

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The Clark Portable "Rockwell" tester model CPT and the larger CPT-XL, are heavy duty testers with quick change Indenters, easy-to-read dial indicators and precise fingertip loading.

These testers are well suited to test pieces that are too large to conveniently test on a Bench tester, as well as inaccessible parts. The affordable price also make them a cost effective substitute for a Bench "Rockwell" tester for smaller shops and for those people who only have an occasional need.

The CPT and CPT-XL use standard Rockwell loads of 150, 100 and 60 kg. They are supplied with a 1/16" steel ball indenter for HRB measurements. A diamond cone indenter is an available accessory for HRC and HRA scale tests. A 1/8" ball indenter for softer and thinner materials.

Price includes:

  • Test Block, B Scale
  • 1/16" Ball Indenter
  • Flat Anvil
  • Vee Anvil
  • Convex Anvil
  • Operation Instructions
  • Conversion Table
  • Carrying Case
Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
CPT Test Kit HT-ST-CL-95100 $2,775.00
CPT-XL Kit HT-ST-CL-95101 $5,775.00
Portable Diamond Indenter - Rockwell C - NIST Level HT-ST-A-4525 $415.00
1/8" Portable STEEL Ball Indenter HT-ST-A-4502S $190.00
1/8" Portable CARBIDE Ball Indenter HT-ST-A-4502W $190.00
1/16" Portable STEEL Ball Indenter HT-ST-A-4501S $180.00
1/16" Portable CARBIDE Ball Indenter HT-ST-A-4501W $180.00
1/8" STEEL Balls (Pack of 10) HT-ST-A-415S $50.00
1/8" CARBIDE Balls (Pack of 10) HT-ST-A-415W $60.00
1/16" STEEL Balls (Pack of 10) HT-ST-A-414S $50.00
1/16" CARBIDE Balls (Pack of 10) HT-ST-A-414W $50.00
Hardness Standard w/ NIST Traceability (HRC) HT-ST-A-10P $85.00
Hardness Standard Calibrated w/ Diamond Indenter HT-ST-A-40P $85.00
Hardness Standard Calibrated w/ Ball Indenter HT-ST-A-50P $85.00