Clark CM Series Micro Hardness Testers

Clark CM Series Micro Hardness Testers

State of the Art Micro Hardness Testers

Clark CM Series Micro Hardness Testers

The significance of micro hardness testing has grown as the need for testing new materials and smaller parts has increased.

The new Clark Instrument CM Series Micro Hardness Testers put a great emphasis on "USER FRIENDLINESS". These instruments offer amazingly high accuracy along with high quality and value.

Special Features:

  • Built in dial a weight system easily changes from load to load
  • Advanced microcomputer with LCD touch panel display (CM-800/ CM-800AT)
  • Automated test sequence performs easy hands free loading operation
  • Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and fracture toughness (kc) testing
  • Fine measuring lines in microscope provide accurate indent readings
  • Turret allows up to 3 different objectives attached at once
  • Unique light source with interchangeable color filters for clear viewing
  • Certified and ready to use

Price includes:

  • Hardness Standard (HV700)
  • Vickers Diamond Indenter
  • Measuring Microscope with 10X Eyepiece
  • Built In Objective Lens 10X & 50X
  • Manual X-Y Stage
  • Level adjusting legs
  • Built in Indenter cover
  • Spare bulb
  • Power cord
  • Set up tools
  • Hardness Calculation table
  • Instrument cover
  • Instruction & maintenance manual

Product Literature

Description Part # Saved Price Select Option Add to
Clark CM-100 HT-CM-95604 Request Pricing
Clark CM-100AT HT-CM-95605 Request Pricing
Clark CM-400 HT-CM-95606 Request Pricing
Clark CM-400AT HT-CM-95607 Request Pricing
Clark CM-700 HT-CM-95609 Request Pricing
Clark CM-700AT HT-CM-95608 Request Pricing
Clark CM-700AT Dual Indenter HT-CM-95608HVHK Request Pricing