Circle Systems Water Based Mi-Glow #218X

Circle Systems Water Based Mi-Glow #218X

Circle Systems Mi-Glow #218X

This product has been discontinued and replaced with MiGlow 418. For more information, click on the link - MiGlow 418.

Mi-Glow® 218X is a combination of Mi-Glow® 800 and Mi- Glow® 900 fluorescent yellow-green particles premixed with powdered Wetting Agent 4X (minimal wetting characteristics) for use in water media. It is specially designed to be used with black light to detect small and medium sized discontinuities. This material is primarily used in the Steel Mills for Billet and Bar Inspection.

Physical Characteristics:
Green powder with a slight detergent odor.

Particle Certification:
It meets or exceeds all applicable industry specifications.

Particle Color

Particle Size

AMS Standard

SAE Sensitivity*

Temperature Range

Fluorescent Yellow-Green

9 µm



32-120°F (0-49°C)

* **Representative of the number of lines shown on an AISI 01 Ketos tool steel ring as defined in SAE AS5282.

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